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  • J. Robert Oppenheimer: The Father Of The Atomic Bomb

    Robert Oppenheimer was born in New York City in 1904 (Oppenheimer). In A Life Inside the Center, by Ray Monk, Monk states that Oppenheimer came from a family of affluence; he was raised in an upscale apartment overlooking the Hudson River. Oppenheimer was raised by a team of hired workers, from nurses to chauffeurs, maids and cooks – Oppenheimer was well cared for (Monk 25). According to NPR, a site funded through unbiased forces, Oppenheimer’s father, Julius, emigrated from Germany as a Jewish German and he and his wife Ella determined that The Ethical Culture Society, an American offshoot of Judaism, would give Robert the proper moral and physical structure to shape his young life (NPR). It was at The Ethical Culture Society that Robert gained his first insights to the intellectual world. Much of Oppenheimer’s academic inspiration came from within his family. While on a visit to Germany, Robert’s uncle Benjamin gifted him a set of rocks that inspired him in the field of geology; Roberts father encouraged his academic inspirations and even made photographs and blueprints of architecture because he was so enthralled by the subject (Monk 27). In Oppenheimer: A Portrait of an Enigma, by Jeremy Bernstein, it is stated that Ella and Julius were parents of two other children as well: their second son Lewis was born when Robert was 4; however, he passes away after just 45 days. The third son Frank was born when…

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  • Adolf Hitler's Hateful Speech

    reproduce. The film, Max, directed by Menno Meyjes, focuses on characters Max Rothman and Adolf Hitler and portrays the history behind Hitler’s hateful speech aimed directly the Jews. In Max, Rothman (referred to as Max), a Jew and former artist who had lost his right arm during the war, had failed to pull Hitler away from his evil thoughts. When considering whether Hitler was born to be a fascist tyrant or if his surrounding environment and other factors, in reality, led him to such a…

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  • Reflective Essay: Diversity And Culture

    4.1 When I finally left home I realized how closed off I was to the rest of the world around me. With little diversity and culture represented in my Massachusetts home; it was a bit of a culture shock arriving in New York City. Here; different cultures are represented, various opinions are presented, and social norms are rejected. With this refreshing outlook on life, I believe it is necessary to get outside of your comfort zone and become aware of your surroundings. Back in my home town of…

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  • Comparing The American Dream In Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run

    East Asia adolescents view the government and society it became clear why some want the chance for the American dream. But, what is the 'American dream'? Simply put, it’s something from nothing. Regardless of where you are born into socially or economically you are not obliged to stay there. The American dream is possible through belief, hard work and through sacrifice not just because. When contrasted with other cultures, especially those of socialist or communist political and economic…

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  • Bank Experience Essay

    1. Rushed (Current Bank Experience) My first experience with selecting my current bank draws back to my first day at university. I created an account, on paper, at a tent during the welcome week celebration. The experience was quite rushed and informal. I had numerous questions and concerns. I have never had to deal with my own finances before, and I was quite nervous. However even though the rushed process, the bank was quite accredited and well-known so I didn 't mind and felt safe inputting…

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  • Determination And Motivation In Villawood Mums And Born To Run

    “Determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries” Determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries because to cross a boundary one has to have their heart set on something and the urge to achieve their goal or dream. “Born to Run’, an autobiography on Cathy Freeman and a documentary, “VillaWood Mums” show examples of how determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries. The people involved have experienced perseverance and struggle which afterwards comes…

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  • Mexican Culture Interview Report

    1. Interview After having an interesting interview with Vanessa Hernandez, a Mexican student at Durham Tech in the library on October 20th, I understood more about the culture as well as food of Mexican people. First, when we were talking about Mexican culture, I realized that Mexican culture and Vietnamese culture have some common values. Vanessa was born in Michivacan, Mexico. When she talked about most of the population in her hometown were Christian, I was thinking about the movie “Conquest…

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  • Born In The Usa Analysis

    and songwriter Bruce Springsteen is considered to be one of America’s most talented rock artists. Much of his music consists of working class values and American culture. He rose to fame with his 1975 album Born to Run and became an even bigger sensation nine years later with his seventh album, Born in the USA. The album featured seven top 10 hits such including “Dancing in the Dark”, “Glory Days”, and “Born in the USA”. The album would go on to reach up to fifteen times platinum in sales and…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Essay Prompts

    they’re real or fictional. I play numerous of video games, listen to almost every genre of music, and read several different types of books, so I change my mind all the time. As of recently, one of my favorite figures has been Max from a game called Life is Strange. The game itself is beautifully designed graphically and plotline wise, and it really makes you think. To sum it up, the plot is that Max is a senior at an art school, where she’s living in the dorms with her fellow students.The game…

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  • No-No Boy Ichiro Character Analysis

    During World War Two, millions of Japanese-Americans were imprisoned. The American Government were worried about Japanese citizens attacking the United States in their homeland. One reason why the Japanese-Americans were imprisoned was due the citizens choosing to be no-no boys. No-no boys are Japanese-Americans that choose to answer, in questionnaires, no for two particular questions. The two questions were, would you serve in the armed forces of the United States and would you swear to be…

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