Maui Dolphin Essay

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Maui Dolphins
Maui dolphins are the rarest species of america at the moment, approximately there are 63 adult maui dolphins left. They are very interesting because of how different they are compared to the other dolphin species. They are found off the west coast of New Zealand's North island. Have you ever heard about a dolphin with a round back fin? Well if you have to check out the Maui dolphin. These dolphins are not only rare but they do have such a lighter skin tone than other dolphins. They have such smaller bodies than most of the other species. Maui dolphins are the beloved marine animals,protective over families, playful and smart.
The Maui dolphins are the rarest dolphin species in america. Why are these animals dying out so fast?
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They are so kind by them not being harsh on the human race. They allow people to get close and see what an amazing animal they are. They have such an amazing personality that makes them who they are. They are animals that are caring for others. Being a mother for your child you job is to protect your children. The children are bates to the killer whales and for that reason the mother is watching out over her own until they learn to hunt for themselves. Knowing that there is a killer whale brings up the mothers heart rate and she sends out for help when she sends out for the help there are vibration waves. After a few minutes with the mother doing her best to keep her child safe 3 or 4 of the male maui dolphins are on the way to help. They find help and they return to their location. They are known as the marine animals because everytime marine would go and the dolphins would ride along and when I mean ride along they swam with it. Not only are they so kind they are like humans they have feelings and they feel pain. They are so playful. They are really smart they know what they are doing and they have no problem with navigating. When They are navigating they use the tip of there nose and find their way to food. They know now that they are endangered so they are smart buy trying to relocate. Another smart thing they do is when they are in trouble they call for help and help is immediately on the way to help the one that is

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