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  • Hitler's Persuasion: A Word Of Mouth Epidemic

    These groups of people are labeled Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen respectively. He first illustrates his points by retelling the story of Paul Revere journey to warn the American colonist. He explains in detail why we Paul Revere was successful and became famous while his counterpart is left out of the story when we hear it traditionally. He elaborates that Paul Revere had the qualities of a Connector and a Maven, which made him very influential during this period. Paul Revere is a stark contrast to close friend Joseph Warren, who was a common citizen. Gladwell uses examples from his personal life of people who exhibit the traits of those categories. A Connector is someone who specializes in “weak ties” and has a long list of contacts and acquaintances. A Maven is someone who specializes in information and is unmatched in his or her area of expertise. The Salesmen are the persuaders that push their agendas in our mind without us even noticing. If the Mavens are the data banks and the Connectors is the social glue; then Salesmen are the servers at the restaurant that makes us leave a hefty…

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  • The Language Mavens Analysis

    The Language Mavens (1994), written by Steven Pinker, talks about what kind of rules and grammars should people follow or use in speaking one language. According to some language mavens, people should use “prescriptive” rules because “the rules people learn in school is called ‘prescriptive’ rules, prescribing how one ought to talk” (p. 1). This means that we should use prescriptive rules simply because we suppose to speak a language in that way. However, other scientists like Steven Pinker,…

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  • Red Queen Character Analysis

    this quote. Mare Barrow the main character arrives at the Silver Palace, the Silvers Palace is for the people whose blood is Silver. Mare meets Cal the first silver prince and Maven the second silver prince, Mare has to marry Maven because she is the Red princesses because Mare has red blood. Maven tells Mare lies and when she finds out it is far too late, Mare and Cal then have to fight for their lives. In the novel Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, a theme doesn’t trust people for who they say…

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  • What Is The Symbolism In Red Queen

    scenes in the book demonstrates how emotions can make characters blind to their surroundings. The scene shows Cal, heir to the throne, and Mare placed on their knees in front of Queen Elara and Price Maven in the ballroom. They reveal that Mare had been working for the Scarlet Guard, a group of red bloods rebelling against the King, and was using Cal to get the information she needed. Although Mare had some feelings for Cal, he had even stronger emotions for Mare. For example, Maven sees the…

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  • Tipping Point Analysis

    The first stage represents the initial diffusion period, whereby YG utilized the participations of core K-pop fans through Korean media outlets such as Naver, MediaPlay and DAUM. Moreover, PSY’s video also had other famous Korean comedians and personas such as Yoo Jae Suk, Hwang Min Woo and No Hong Chul, who already had a cult following. Gladwell defines mavens as information specialists, people who connect the rest of the world to information (Gladwell 68). In this case the mavens are those…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Checking Email Communication

    teachers happier that students are more communicative with them. The Power of Context shows how students impact their environment by how they act about doing something in their daily routine. The tipping point is created by all three factors that cause it. If more and more students continue to check their email daily it will overall improve communication and create a more prominent learning environment. THE LAW OF THE FEW Creating a word-to-mouth epidemic is something that can only happen…

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  • Malcolm Gladwell's The Science Of Shopping

    Market Mavens play a pivotal role on how stores present advertisements and products due to the fact Market Mavens will examine them more thoroughly than the average consumer. Market Mavens keep our shopping experience honest by questioning the strategies of businesses. Also, in “The Science of Shopping,” Gladwell talks about different strategies stores are using to predict the preferences of consumers. By asking customers a series of questions, stores can predict what brands they utilize.…

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  • Malcolm Galdwell's 'The Tipping Point'

    skills; in addition, the first law of epidemics “The Law of The Few” places great emphasis on the type of person spreading the epidemic. Gladwell confirms this idea by saying, “epidemics are a function of the people who transmit infectious agents,”(18). Therefore, by applying the first law into a classroom, we notice that the teacher is the one who is transmitting all the ideas and the messages —infectious agents— to students; However, this enforces certain characteristics on teachers to obtain…

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  • The Stickiness Factors, And The Power Of Epidemies

    Introduction • A shoe brand called the Hush Puppies became popular out of nowhere between 1994-1995. • The crime rates in New York dropped drastically in 1995. • When small factors causes something to become an epidemic or trend, it is known as a "Tipping Point". Chapter One- The Three Rules of Epidemics • There are three rules of a tipping point: Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. • These rules can be used to explain why STD epidemics such as syphilis and HIV…

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  • Robotic Exploration On Mars

    Planetary Society, 2016). This spacecraft, carrying a small load of 5 science instruments, was prominently a technology demonstration (The Planetary Society, 2016). It entered Mars’ orbit on September 24, 2014. MOM was quite an achievement as the first inaugural Mars mission of any country to succeed (no other country had succeeded on their first attempt), as well as being the “most economical interplanetary mission to date” (Spaceflight, 2015). 2013 - Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution The…

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