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  • Emotional Competence In Young Adulthood

    All participants have been involved in a longitudinal study from infancy to adulthood starting from 1983. This longitudinal study involved the participants to fill out questionnaires in late adolescence and early adulthood. The missing data ranged from 0 to 24.6%, and was imputed using full information maximum likelihood (FIML). Questions on fundraising, conservation, helping (volunteering) and social change behaviors (involvement in political or lobby groups) were selected to form the latent variables of adolescent eudaimonic behaviors at 19-20 years. Questions on emotional competence, responsibility, self-control, autonomy and planfulness were selected to form the variables to assess the emotional competency of young adulthood at 23-24 years. Stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms were assessed in both age groups using the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales, which involves seven items relating to depressive symptoms. All questions were assessed using a 4 point scale rated from 1=never to 5 =always or a yes or no answer. AMOS 16.01.1 software was used to evaluate the data and estimations were based on a covariance matrix and used maximum likelihood estimates. Potential gender differences in the relationship were examined using…

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  • Examples Of Query Likening Model In IR

    The first basic language modelling approach in IR is the Query Likelihood Model (QLM) to estimate the probability of generating the query terms as a random sample from the document. In particular, the probability $P(d/q)$ of a document $d$ conditioning on query $q$ as likelihood relevant represent the QLM models citep{ponte1998sigir}. Applying Baye 's rule on $P(d/q)$ to get: egin{equation} label{BayesQLM} P(d/q) = frac{P(q/d)P(d)}{P(q)} end{equation} where $P(q)$ could be ignored as it is…

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  • Analysis Of A Documerical Assignment: A Dynamic Model For Switzerland GDP

    The intercept is significant at a 1%. This can be understood as whenever p and q are equal to zero, the intercept can be read as the sample mean; however in this case where p and q are bigger than zero it will still be close to the sample mean but usually not identical as it is not the maximum likelihood estimate whenever p and q are bigger than zero. The AR(1) coefficient is significant at 10% with estimate of 0.31523, interpreted as a correlation of the current period GDP with the previous…

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  • The Importance Of Mortality

    Psychology of Aging Research Paper Say you’re the teacher of a fourth grade elementary class. The class consists of about forty kids, each with different personalities and characteristics that make them extremely unique. Throughout the school year you learn more about each kid. How they do in social situations? Who is the hard worker, or leader? Through observation you identify the more optimistic students compared to the pessimistic ones. Or introverted compared to extroverted. These are…

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  • Cognitive Map Analysis

    The main theoretical framework that we followed was the Cognitive Map Theory as the children had already learned about forestry so we were solidifying what they had learned and adding new bits of information to help with cohesion of the theory. We used many questions to gain insight as to what the children did and did not know. This method was used to trigger the mind maps of each student and help to draw on those concepts. We also incorporated the elaboration likelihood model in that most of…

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  • The Elaboration Likelihood Model Of Persuasion Analysis

    The Elaboration Likelihood Model of persuasion (ELM) is a one of the oldest and most referenced theories when it comes to marketing and advertisement. Now a little over 30 years old, ELM was created by two psychologist named Jogn Cacioppo and Richard Petty who in 1986 described persuasion as a dual process. This theory has been reworked and reviewed many times over the years; this paper will focus on the main literature on ELM by its creators and other critics. Years prior to their ground…

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  • Dont Count On Luck Analysis

    use variously probability from scene of life to compare with “risk of the woman of your life developing breast cancer.” According to the lecture, we have to say this campaign did a great job on message shaping. They created a typical and simple message for this healthy campaign. However, where is the data of “Risk of the woman of your life developing breast cancer 1 in 12 women” come from is not clear cited in this campaign. Base on McGuire’s input-output Matrix from the textbook (Rice & Atkin,…

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  • Anthropology Case Study Essay

    rainfall from cold fronts, which causes irregular patterns including moisture deficiencies and extreme conditions of temperature (Garnier, 1958). Garnier (1958) has found that the mountain ranges have formed a climatic barrier separating the west and east and resulting in the different climates and geomorphology: the Tararua range; the Ruahine; the Kaimanawa; and the Ruakamara Mountains (Garnier, 1958). The eastern north island, New Zealand, is the case study for this essay; it is going to…

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  • Fugui's Balance In The Novel To Live

    According to Chinese culture, the forces that determine order are yin and yang. The basis of this concept is that everything has its opposite which maintains balance. One of the most well-known yin and yang pairings is life and death. Yu Hua, in the novel To Live, recognizes this relationship and integrates the concept into the plot in order to influence the characters. This includes life and death constantly checking each other by taking the character’s lives, and the price one has to pay to…

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  • Essay On Breakthroughs In Medicine

    I chose to talk about topic six, breakthroughs in medicine. I chose this topic because not only does this affect me, it also greatly affects everyone else in the world. We can do amazing things now with our new medicine and technology. We can do almost impossible things, but there is a fine line between what is right and what is wrong. Some people might not think that there is anything wrong with what we are doing in the medical field. I believe that most of what we are doing is good and…

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