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  • Adultery Essay

    I often wonder, at what point did she weigh up the pros and cons and decide, “You know what. Adultery seems like a good idea.” Maybe she was cajoled into it by the man. Maybe he was the love of her life that she never got to be with and the opportunity became available so she took it. Maybe the lure of forbidden love was too much for her. Or she suffered from some deeper temptation that she struggled unsuccessfully to control. Perhaps it was her first time. Maybe her friend down the street had been committing adultery with the milkman for years and they had never been caught. Yet she did it once and was caught. Who knows her reasons? But the fact is she knew she should not do it and she knew the penalty yet she went ahead with it. This shows us that at many levels our carnal fleshly nature is inclined to act contrary to how God wants us to act even in the face of just…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Alcoholism

    her that she would do this of all days. It was her coping mechanism. She cried, but didn’t react much. Maybe she was numb or maybe it hadn’t hit her yet. It hit me like a wall of bricks when I looked into that casket, though. I didn’t understand how such a good woman could be gone so fast. I missed her already. She was such a role model to me and I had lost the one person I found peace in. The funeral went well and we went home. But it never really ended. In fact, it was more like the…

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  • Saint Maybe Analysis

    Saint Maybe is a story about a picture-perfect family. The Bedloe family, from Baltimore, the focus of the story, is far from being perfect. The family consist of Mrs. Bee Bedloe, Mr. Doug Bedloe, Claudia, the oldest child, Danny the middle child and Ina the youngest. Danny marries Lucy, a divorcee with two children Agatha and Thomas. Lucy was pregnant before meeting Danny so Danny’s daughter Daphne is maybe someone else’s baby. Danny may know Daphne is not his daughter, but ignores the fact.…

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  • Saint Maybe By Anne Tyler: An Analysis

    Seeking unattainable perfection is dangerous because it will leave you unsatisfied with average daily life and can cause you to lose your sense of 'self'. Ian, in Anne Tyler's Saint Maybe, struggles with deep guilt over his brother's death and Lucy's. He then on becomes Saint Maybe not wanting to make any more 'mistakes' for the price of his own desires. ". .. She was very forgettable. Her lank beige hair hung down her back, gathered ineptly by a plastic barrette at the nape of…

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  • Maybe All This Szymborska Poem

    Our curiosity towards the metaphysical is considered to be exclusively human; our self-awareness, identity and purpose form our humanity. Instead of offering solace to self-doubt, Szymborska revels in ambiguity and uncertainty implying humans merely exist without an objective purpose or special significance. She questions the existential in her poem Astonishment and Maybe All This to reflect the absurdity of existence as well as human ignorance in attempting to answer it. In Astonishment she…

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  • Someday, Maybe By Franny: A Literary Analysis

    Success is not about your wealth by any means, but about your accomplishments and your journey of how you got there. Your journey depends on how you accept your failures and the roadblocks along the way. In Lauren Graham’s “Someday, Someday, Maybe”, Franny Banks is an actor living in New York. However, it does not go as she had planned in her mind. Over the course of three years, many have told her to go home and just give up but she is not a quitter. Franny learned to accept her mistakes and to…

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  • Summary Of Heather Hepler's Love? Maybe

    My report will be on “Love? Maybe” By Heather Hepler. The setting of the story is mostly at school, but also takes place at the main characters house. The main action takes place at school. The events occur when Valentine's Day is approaching. Around this time the school is full of drama with relationships starting and ending everywhere. The author might have picked this setting to relate with similar ages just beginning to date. The main character a young girl named Piper. Piper is a pretty,…

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  • Mama Baby Papa's Maybe Analysis

    In Hortense J. Spillers’, “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar Book,” one word alone can be used to sum up the overall issue presented in this passage. That word is “captive.” Presented in this passage is a plethora of struggles that which African slaves and African-Americans have been faced with in both past and present societies. In response to these struggles, Spillers repeatedly uses the adjective “captive” to describes the lives of these people in more ways than one. Spillers…

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  • We Live And Maybe We Die Essay

    Their definition, and morals, of right and wrong differ from ours. Born and raised into this lifestyle, how are they to know different? Some children lose parents, siblings, cousins, in these constant fights and are seeking to avenge. Or maybe they have yet to lose someone in the battle, but are simply following their family. In the article “Maybe We Live and Maybe We Die” it gives us a perfect example. It states, “Many [children] followed their relatives or friends. Others lived in a battle…

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  • Analysis Of Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good

    Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good, By: Colin Fleming In the article Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good by Colin Fleming, the author discusses Kaepernick’s issues within the NFL. Fleming goes on to address his protests against racism and police brutality, refusal to stand for the national anthem in addition to his outspoken nature. Later Fleming criticizes Kaepernick’s football playing ability and skill, hence the title “Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good.” Why is…

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