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  • When It Comes To Baskets Analysis

    Have you ever wonder what it was like back in the 1960s? Maybe you thought about what other people thought of you, or even just something as simple as how did we get to where we are today? Lots of questions go through a person’s head as they are faced with everyday reality and everyone has their own opinion on it as well. That’s the case with J.D. Vance, author of “When It Comes to Baskets, We’re All Deplorable.” Vance is an opinion writer for the New York Times, in a column titled Hillbilly Elegy (Vance). In his article, he states his opinion mainly on the Democratic party, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, while throwing a lot of assumptions, bashing, and harshness into the mix. Vance shows us how Hilary is being narrow minded when she referred to half of the American population as “a basket of deplorables,” when she split Trump followers in two and put her foot in her mouth when all she had to do was inform people “that half of Mr. Trump’s supporters hold some prejudicial views” (Vance). She was trying to quote what she believed to be true about Donald Trump and anyone that follows him. Hilary added that in the right basket would be “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.” Due to this comment, a case study was done on everything wrong with our political discourse, and Trump demanded an apology even though he has yet to apologize for any and all bashing he has done upon the American inhabitants (Vance). Vance tells us how polls are unjustly…

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  • United Kingdom's Electoral Process Analysis

    his name and brand should have been entrenched in all the minds of the potential democratic voters. (Open Secrets 2015) (Dubner 2012)Why was he not able to secure an Iowa Caucus victory or the democratic nomination for president? The answer to that question can be found by examining one of his competitors in the election, John Kerry, who eventually won the Democratic nomination to challenge George Bush for president. (USA Today 2004) One of the laws regarding campaign financing addresses how…

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  • Pontiflex Case Study Essay

    with, they were much more inclined to submit their information and then simply pick up where they left off with the content on the page. However, the case study did not mention when the campaign started, which would have fulfilled the case study more by putting in a timeline. The case study mentioned that Barack Obama won the election by having a great campaign that achieved high open and click through rates for its automated follow-up e-mails. The campaign received extremely high levels of…

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  • TPP Essay

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) involves 12 countries: the United States (US), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan. The TPP stems from an existing agreement between Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore (Lewis). If the agreement is ratified, it would be the largest regional trade accord in history, since these countries account for roughly 40% of the global economy (Granville). According to the Office of the…

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  • Essay On Wikileaks

    Wikileaks, an organization that allows whistleblowers to publish “…suppressed documents of diplomatic, ethical, historical or moral significance that reveal illegal or immoral behavior,” (Wikileaks); is being silenced by the media from exposing the Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. The media is helping cover up the truth because of special interests. Wikileaks has released the deleted Hillary emails, DNC emails, and John Podesta (Hillary’s Chairman of the her presidential…

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  • Antonin Scalia Pros And Cons

    Antonin Scalia was a very respected leader in his line of work. He was known as a conservative Republican who shared his transformative theories, writing, his unique personality and opinions. Scalia was known as an originalist and a believer in the living constitution. Scalia’s brilliant views made him the leader of the conservative intellectual renaissance in his three decades on the supreme court. Antonin Gregory Scalia was appointed to the court by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, as the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Art Of War

    the enemy” (Sunzi IV, 3). The failure of making the mistakes that the respective candidates made in the first place, as well as their inability to respond to them in the optimal manner is also something that The Art of War warns against, “He wins his battles by making no mistakes. Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated” (Sunzi IV, 13). The 2016 presidential campaign also had a fair amount of uncertainty when it…

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  • Kasich Defiant By Ted Cruz Analysis

    We begin with Gabriel Trip’s, "Kasich Defiant as G.O.P. Presses Him to Quit Race to Thwart Trump." This article tells us of Republicans hopes for Kasich to drop out of the race and back Sen. Ted Cruz. It is believed by Republicans that Sen. Cruz has a better chance at beating Donald Trump in the presidential race than Kasich does. However, Kasich has refused to pull himself from the race stating “[…] he, not the Texas senator, was the best option to stop Mr. Trump.” (Paragraph 2) This argument…

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  • Hillary Clinton's Weaknesses

    The 2016 presidential election is fast approaching, and as I write this it is official that the presidency will be between the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, and the Democratic nominee Hillary R. Clinton. It wasn’t quite simple for me to choose between the two nominees. Hence, I doubt that neither of them are creditable enough to serve the country. Most likely the majority of Americans will speculate that they do not have a preference between the two candidates. Nevertheless, I evaluated…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Assassination Speech

    Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Vice president Lyndon B. Johnson was transitioned into office to finish out Kennedy’s term. At this point in time, Republican and Democratic parties began campaigning for the upcoming 1964 election. The Republican nominee opposing Lyndon B. Johnson was past 5 term senator Barry Goldwater. As part of Goldwater’s campaign, future president Ronald Reagan gave a speech on national television that raised over 8 million dollars. This would come to be…

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