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  • Chopin's Mazurka In G Minor Analysis

    Fryderyk Chopin composed around fifty-nine mazurkas with only forty-one being published during his lifetime; the remaining compositions remained in manuscript form until being published by his close friend, Julian Fontana, after Chopin’s death. Chopin’s mazurkas are based on the traditional Polish folk dance, the mazur, which are the second part of the three-fold dance routine of the original folk mazurka, also called the “round dance” when all three parts are performed together. The mazur’s brisk tempo provides a moderate transition between the slow kujawiak, the first part of the “round dance”, and the quickest of the three, the oberek or obertas. The mazur’s tend to have a lively and temperamental character with a tendency for irregular accents throughout the piece. In the last two years of Chopin’s life, he composed his last two mazurkas, F minor and G minor. These two pieces show a representation of the sadness and regret seen…

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  • D Bernabrowski Mazurka Analysis

    Dobrowski is a relatively interesting surname. Its pronunciation doesn’t match with its spelling as well as seeming like some person, long ago, threw together random letters to form a name. Although it may look as though a bunch of jumbled up letters, there is actually historical information behind it. Originating from Poland, Dobrowski “is a variant of Dąbrowski” ( 1). In addition, Dombrowski is also a variant from Dąbrowski and a variation of Dobrowski. Dating back to 1975, Dąbrowski…

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  • John William Boone's Influence On American Popular Music

    Both cooperated and established the Boone Company. The first concert was held in 1880 at Missouri. From then, their company was gradually developed and Boone started to be in charge in the QRS Piano Roll Company. The company grew in the 1890s and 1900s, and it was almost performed at Churches and concert halls in Canada, Mexico, and the US. The performance was combination of classical music, coon songs, mazurkas, plantation melodies, polkas, ragtime, and spirituals. Besides, he developed a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Mcallister Auditorium

    of his most famous work 25 Etudes op.60, a method for guitar that blends technical skills and romantic music. This composition represented a technical challenge and included simple harmonic structures. This particular piece seemed intermediate in level, since it didn’t have many changes in positions on the guitar or variations in tempo. The second piece was Wilson´s Wilde by anonymous. This is a renaissance piece, which seemed of greater difficulty. I think that this was a great song to include…

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  • Isadora Duncan Dance Analysis

    Isadora Duncan’s dances were recorded because she was a Forerunner of Modern Dance. For as young as she was she was a very accomplished performer and choreographer Her lyrical years of 1900-1910 include themes of nature set as autobiographical dance poems to the music of Chopin (waltzes, preludes, and mazurkas) and Schubert (waltzes), Water Study, Ballspiel, Lullabye (Schubert) and Prelude, Line Mazurka, Moment Musical and Butterfly Etude (Chopin). Dances of Greek antiquity, from 1900-1915,…

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  • Dubussy's: Prelude To The Impressionist Period

    Schubert’s Elfking. The Elfking is a through-composed work with a solo voice and a piano. In the Elfking one soloist portrays four characters by changing the rhythm, register, and melody they are singing in. Another of the Romantic period is Robert Schumann who composed A Poet’s Love. A Poet’s Love consists of sixteen poems and is written in a strophic form performed by one voice and a piano. The Romantic period introduced an element of music called rubato which is another term for robbed time.…

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  • Romantic Music Vs Classical Music

    decadent nobleman, is a prime example of this supernatural individualism. Another example is Stravinsky’s The Rake’s Progress, in which a man named Tom Rakewell befriends the devil. The implementation of a larger tonal range and more advanced harmonic progressions were critical to the development of these mystical music portrayals. A final theme of Romantic era music was that of nationalism. Many countries were struggling with their own ideas of independence and so composers took this as an…

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  • Frederic Chopin Music Analysis

    time in public and he published his first composition in 1817. Later in 1829, he had his first concert as a piano virtuoso, which is someone who is exceptionally gifted at a talent or ability (Roberts). Chopin later influenced pianistic style and techniques, as well as generations of composers not only during the eighteenth century, but continuing still today (Nicholas). The Romantic era, was a time for new discoveries and a chance for music and the arts to soar. It was an age of empathy and…

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  • The Diary Of Pechorin's A Hero Of Our Time

    feels powerful because of it. “What was fate’s purpose in all of this? Did it really appoint me to be an author of bourgeois tragedies and family romances [98]?” He views himself as something higher than he really is. While he knows of his misdeeds quite well, Pechorin feels an inflated sense of ego and purpose. He demonstrates a type of “fake deepness,” where he wants to take on the role of the rebellious Byronic hero, but fails in doing so because his intentions behind every action are purely…

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  • My First-Personal Narrative

    Once it was my turn I was so nervous. I got in my spot and got started. The only thing that I think I wasn’t exceptional at was my mazurkas. Once I was done I waited until my coach said to get off the ice and wait for the results, so I waited for almost an hour until they posted them. I remember my mom wanting to come with me to check the results, but I told her sit there and let me check and I will tell her when I get back. I walked into the locker room where the results were posted and looked…

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