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    precaution should be taken due to implications in the data that would supersede the benefits of traditional methods (Field, 2013). Figure 7 Test of Normality The test of normality provides a view of the data as it concern how data fits along the regression line (Field, 2013). In addition to the information in figure 3, the QQ plots give a reinforce view of the level of normality (Field, 2013). It is perhaps best to use the missing at random test (MCAR test) according to Field (2013) the use of two-tail test is perhaps beneficial no matter the situation. This will show if the data is randomly missing or not. Performing the MCAR test will prove or dismiss the information as to its randomly missing in addition the EM means will provide information as well as to the significates of the data seen in figure below. After testing the hypothesis we can conclude that the data is not randomly missing therefor, a decision must be made to deal with the data and due to the significance level .000, it very significant. Figure 8 MCAR Test In this data set, many of the combinations seem to have some distribution of normality however; Student Extroversion/Lecture Extroversion has a regression rating that show it is skewed to the right. In the other graphic visuals, they do not show any normality as well witch is evident in the descriptive table for normality. As there are many statistical test, there are number variables involved in investigating the data. However…

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