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  • Mcmaster University Graduation Analysis

    Imagine this, it’s the year 2019. 20,000 or so undergraduate students at McMaster University will be graduating, bidding farewell to a place they called home for the past 4 years. For most families, this is bittersweet. Parents will be filled with excitement and joy as they witness their child take momentous steps into adulthood; however, will also be left with an overwhelming feeling of dread when faced with the impending debts and loans that remain. This is the reality for many families and undergraduate students, myself included. While the prospect of obtaining a degree and landing a secure job seems heavenly, the cost to achieve it is rather contrary. Most families will do what they can to help their children pay for University and lessen the burden of debts that loom.…

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  • Mental Health Survey Report

    PART A: This survey is being conducted on behalf of McMaster University to collect data on the physical and mental health of undergraduate students attending McMaster University. The University is focused on studying whether the employment status and university experience of a student influence their overall health. Data received will assist in creating new on campus services to undergraduate students who are experiencing negative or unhealthy physical and mental habits. Please fill out the…

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  • Mcmaster University Pension Plan Case Study

    McMaster University Pensions Plans The Investment Sub-Committee on the Board of Trustees of McMaster University pension plans is scheduled to meet to evaluate the performance of Investments the established benefit and contribution plans that are provided. Given the stipulations in the McMaster University Statement of Investment Policies (SIP), an opinion about the plan’s current investment manager must be provided. The process towards giving that opinion involves collecting any additional…

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  • Music-Induced Mood Changes In Music

    This article by Meghan M. McConnell and David I. Shore is mainly about research performed to study and examined the effects of music-induced mood changes on focus to different components of visual attention. Twenty-four undergraduate students from McMaster University participated in the research which they being separated by four groups and being exposed by different tempo of music before being tested by same test. The result was measured using the system to shows brain activity and standardized…

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  • Essay About High School Life

    They were only half right. While studying hard was very useful for getting through high school, the same is not the case for college. Along with studying it is necessary to build your relationship with your peers and professors to be successful in college. When I attended McMaster University for materials engineering I focused too hard on trying to succeed on my own. By the time second year had rolled around the work load increased greatly I was unable to keep up. I had made very little…

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  • Causes Of Molson Challenges

    judges and other Facebook users. Soon after, students were posting photos of themselves abusing alcohol and being in “outrageous situations”(TEXTBOOK) . The students that were not taking part in the challenge were embarrassed to have their university being part of this absurd challenge. For example, Memorial University of Newfoundland was the leading university in the challenge, and the students that did not take part in the challenge felt that it was unfair for the entire university to be…

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  • Advantages Of Living In Canada

    Living in Canada is highly beneficial due to the quality education, cultural diversity, and the safety the country provides. First off, Canada provides quality education, as teachers must be qualified to teach. There is a very wide array of universities to choose from, each one specifically tailored to someone’s particular career path, whereas this would not happen in all countries. The education is free, despite the high quality of it, other countries have a low quality education yet they have…

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  • Should Everyone Go To College By Owen And Sawhill

    In today’s day and age, almost every young adult is told that attending a four-year university is the next step following high school, but two articles question the idea that college is essential and suggest a different type of post high school education. The first article I analyzed was “Should Everyone Go to College?” by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, where the authors discuss several factors about a traditional four-year university and question whether the benefits outweigh the costs. The…

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  • The Importance Of Racism And Hate Speech

    of the school to decide whether the punishment should be losing privileges to college events, suspension, or even exploitation. These regulations on college campuses are crucial and should be taken seriously by students and faculty. Reasons for this is students should feel safe and comfortable when attending school and classes. Such distraction can affect their grades and attendance. These acts usually affect the minority groups which is why some places may brush it off. Also, since this…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Gap Year

    somewhat dependable in their first year of college with their pre-paid necessities such as meals, limitless electricity and water, security, as well as access to university assets. Gail Reardon, the founding director of a program the helps students plan gap years said in the New York Times that “many students learn valuable life skills by earning and handling money during gap years.” (Mohn 9) The article “How to Become a World Citizen, Before Going to College” by Tanya Mohn in the New York Times…

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