Mcmaster University Pensions Plans Analysis

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McMaster University Pensions Plans The Investment Sub-Committee on the Board of Trustees of McMaster University pension plans is scheduled to meet to evaluate the performance of Investments the established benefit and contribution plans that are provided. Given the stipulations in the McMaster University Statement of Investment Policies (SIP), an opinion about the plan’s current investment manager must be provided. The process towards giving that opinion involves collecting any additional information regarding the existing plan investment manager i.e. ABR Investment Manager. The information received from the ABR Investment Management can be used to outline concerns, questions, and comments regarding current performance. However, the identification of the next course of action requires additional information based on the university’s SIP document.
Concerns and Questions on
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While the investment management firm has provided an investment report that shows plan performance up to the latest quarter, it has not provided the actual investment strategy since past reports as required by the university’s SIP document. In addition, information regarding the current and expected economic and investment conditions in the market will be requested. This information will be based on various terms that help in developing an investment strategy to be utilized in the coming period. These terms include change in minimum total return over a period of five years, change in asset mix within the previously mentioned constraints, and the degree with which the average term of fixed income securities should be lessened or increased. The other terms are changes in the measurements of equities in several categories of TSE 300 Index or any other relevant index and any proposed change in the Investment Policy ((McMaster University,

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