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  • Ethical Issues In The Mcwane Case

    A major piping company named Mcwane which has been around since 1921. Has been in the news for many injuries and violations since the plants were established. Per the news they have been fined due to negliance of safety violations and disregard of human life. As an owner of a major manufacturing company. I would do my best to satisfy my workers and also, abide by the laws set for companies. This was not the case when Mcwane was fined for reasons that the ordinary person would think would be elementary. For example, Mcwane employees were not allowed to go to the bathroom they either had to hold it or go in their pants. I also would allow workers sick time and not complain to a person that was never sick for the last sixteen years. As an owner I would not try to cover up any wrong doings, I would take a proactive stance, not like Mcwane did they took an obstructionist stance. Moreover, if I was fined for safety violations I would do my best to fix the problems and not hide them away so my workers can get hurt more. McWane’s disciplined management…

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  • Social Issues In Brave New World Essay

    McWane 3 Huxley establishes the concept of brainwashing throughout the novel through the use of motif. The theme of brainwashing constantly shows up throughout the story with the consumption of “soma” and the use of hypnopaedia in infants. “Soma” is a type of medicine that controls the person's emotions and behavior, and is often used as an escape from society when a person is too stressed. At one point in the novel, chapter 9, Lenina consistently takes soma and eventually enters “soma-holiday”…

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