Mean length of utterance

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  • Wordless Picture Book Reading Report

    Mr Wuffles scares them. Throughout the book we want our students to tell us what they thought was happening. They were really interested in this book and towards the end of this lesson we were running out of time. For the writing activity the students wrote on blank sheets of paper to be the authors of a certain page this book. They wrote down what the aliens were saying and drew some pictures to describe what they wrote. Lesson two mainly focused on the comprehension and content questions for the book that was read. We used five specific statements about cats that the students either agreed or disagreed with them. For example Miss. Chapman said all cats are mean, then the students either said yes or no and explained their answer. Dashara’s answer was very specific she said, “Some cats are not mean and some cats is mean.” Then while reading “A Cat’s View of the World” by Flora Brett we used the CROWD prompts for shared reading. After reading we asked the same five statements to see if they learned anything new. Anticipation guide statements are suppose to help students learn content, comprehension, and develop oral language. The next lesson was focused on having the students identify characters, settings, and major events in the story, “Mutt Dog” by Stephen Michael King was used to accomplish this goal. Once again we used the CROWD prompts to allow the students share their thoughts about the reading. I asked the question, “How do you think the dog felt living in a different…

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  • Utterance Study Essay

    of the child and the context The subject of our mean length utterance study is A.N., a four year old Caucasian female. A.N. is the firstborn child in a family of four, living with both of her parents and a younger sister about 8 months old. Since she lives in a dormitory, as her parents are Resident Heads, she interacts with college students on a regular basis, which may contribute to accelerated language acquisition, in terms of her increased exposure to vocabulary. On the day of the study,…

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  • Socioeconomic Status Affects Early Vocabulary Development

    of the variance in child vocabulary” (pg.1371). After that was measured, SES accounted for another 5% of the variance. This proved the question of the relationship between SES and child vocabulary to be true and signifies a relationship between the two. Next, the relationship between SES and maternal speech was tested. In this test, birth order was held as a constant and found high-SES was related to five properties of maternal speech, which included: number of utterances, number of word…

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  • Performative Utterance Essay

    Constative utterances are used for propositions and may be true or false. Performative utterance is the kind of utterance when a person is doing something, but not only saying it. Utterances that express speaker’s intent are called locutions. The act of using utterances is illocutionary act. It is important for illocutionary acts to express true conditions and utter with conventional meaning. We should also mind hearer’s reaction to the speech act and illocutionary force of the utterance,…

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  • Analysis Of Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine

    The concept of monologue may be ambiguous. The only thing that the various standard definitions of monologue actually have in common is the fact that they define it as the opposite of dialogue and that they, therefore, assign every dramatic utterance to one or other of these two formal categories. The definition of monologue depends therefore on how the contrast between monologue and dialogue is understood. According to Pfister, there are several criteria to take into consideration when debating…

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  • The Four Types Of Children's Narrative

    often defined as story grammar units. Oral narratives provide a rich source of data about a child’s language use in a relatively natural context. Thus, narrative analysis allows linguists to assess multiple linguistic features; including microstructure and macrostructure (e.g., story grammar categories such as goals, attempts, and outcomes) using relatively short language samples. 1.9.1 Microstructural Analyses Microstructural analyses primarily focus on children’s linguistic form and content.…

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  • Pygmy Language

    Sanders, & Bever, 1979). These great achievements, however, still cannot be compared to the fast progresses young children make when learning a language. It is true that the very first utterances are comparable in both primates and humans; at this level, many of a child’s utterances cannot be considered sentences; an underlying application of grammar rules can be presumed but there is not enough evidence to exclude that these primitive sequences of words are not the result of simple imitation…

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  • The Importance Of Stress In Poetry

    Stress is a suprasegmental feature of utterances. It applies not to individual vowels and consonants but to whole syllables_whatever they might be. A stressed syllable is pronounced with greater amount of energy than an unstressed syllable, and is more prominent in the flow of speech. We will mark a stressed syllable in transcription by placing a small vertical line (') high up, just before the syllable it relate to or we can say a vertical superscript line in front of…

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  • Futility In Tamburlaine

    In most of Marlowe’s plays there is a central issue to which all subsidiary issue are related. In Tamburlaine the central issue of the play is an idea. The representative of this idea is the hero himself round whom the whole action and all the other characters revolve. The characters of the plays written before Marlowe’s time gave the impression that they would take every opportunity for turning a given situation into an occasion for long and lively declamation and the delivery of set speech.…

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  • Oral Language Development Case Study

    What are three ways you could assess students’ oral language development in your classroom. Be sure and provide information about all three ways rather than just listing what they are. Also, be sure to include an assessment of mean length of utterance (MLU). A) Teacher Rating of Oral Language and Literacy (TROLL) is a five to ten minute observation, performed several times per year, in order to collect information about how a child is using language when they interact with peers, pretend play…

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