Summary Of Maybe Tomorrow

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Book Review
Maybe Tomorrow (Revised Edition)
Author(s)- Pryor, Boori Monty Mcdonald, Meme
Publisher - Allen & Unwin
Editor - Reynolds, Hilary
First published by Penguin Group Australia in 1998, This Edition 2010

Boori Monty Pryor is a Storyteller, writer and performer (, 2017). Boori has worked in many fields including education, film, television, modeling, sport and music. During the book many of these subjects and what Boori has done within them are touched upon. Maybe Tomorrow is Booris first book and has been followed by 4 others these are My Girragundji, The Binna Binna Man, Njunjul the Sun, Flytrap and Shake a Leg, the last of which being a picture book (, 2017). Boori was
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One such suggestion is to put aside a special room dedicated to local Aboriginal people and then have local Aboriginal people come and teach the history of the area to school classes there (Pryor and McDonald, 2010). Not only would this give young Aboriginal people a better understanding of their culture but would also help young white people understand and in tern hopefully respect Aboriginal culture. Boori gives many other options such as this and although hearing the same thing over and over during the book can get repetitive, the message is clear that he believes knowledge and understanding on both sides are keys to becoming an accepting …show more content…
It gets its point across through multiple stories told by Boori touching on family, friends, the land, white people culture and blackfulla culture. Boori tells of the struggle of fitting in to both of these cultures whilst keeping his roots grounded and by using hs own life as an example gives the reader an idea of how difficult it is to fit into both groups and not lose hope. Parts of this book are quite confronting and will make the reader question previously understandings of white Australian and Aboriginal culture. I thought the book was an eye opening read although at times repetitive got the point that the author was making across

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