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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Germany

    green, a breathtaking emerald green, one that I have never seen before. “Wir sind Fertig, los gehen junger” Joachim says, one of the guys with us (we are ready, let 's go guys) (put in the paragraph arriba)The schnitzel I had for lunch took all of the space in my stomach, therefore I didn’t feel like I could hold on that tight again for three more hours. I talked to Burkhard, and we both decided that going back in a car would be a better option this time. The vehicle I was going with was a light electric blue Mazda Cosmo, a racing car from the 60s. It was the smallest car I have ever been on. So small I even had to take my boots from the motorcycle gear off. The car was safer than the motorcycle, which allowed us to go at a speed of around 100 miles compared with the motorcycle which we would go at around 130 km. As I wasn’t riding in the motorcycle anymore they went even faster. As we approach a curve Jan, the driver, accelerates to show me the power of his Mazda Cosmo. On the other side of the curve another car from our group had stopped. Jan hits the brakes as hard as he can, trying not to hit them. He loses control for a moment as the car starts to go in circles on the road. Trying to hold on as tight as I can, the only two possibilities I see are 1either hitting the mountain or going down the cliff. Luckily enough he was able to gain control once again and we were able to stop just in time. I hit my head against the window, but I didn’t feel any pain. We try to get…

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  • Ahura Mazda Importance

    Zarathushtra preached about one of the divine beings, Ahura Mazda; it gave an outbreak upon his religious aspect. The Empire of Persia, then adopted this as their preeminent religion, Zoroastrianism; this was essential upon the empire’s policy of a humanitarian government and for the community as a whole. I believe Ahura Mazda aimed to guide the Persians to devote themselves in finding the good by understanding Ahura Mazda’s ways, his expectations, and his rewards for those who uphold the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zoroastrianism

    Final Examination 1. Describe the principle concepts which Zoroastrianism is credited with contributing to Western Religions Zoroastrianism was founded by a prophet Zoroaster who had a vision by high god Ahura Mazda, and reflects an outgoing, universal battle of Ahura Mazda, the good god, and Angra Mainyu, the evil spirit, between the truth and lie while human beings must decide which side they want to choose. Zoroastrianism contributes to Western Religions with eschatology, resurrection, and…

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  • Ahura Mazda Research Paper

    The three core tenets of Zoroastrianism are “Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds”. These three things are said to be created by Ahura Mazda, whom Zoroaster stated to be the creator of good.13 The antithesis of Ahura Mazda is Angra Mainyu, who is said to be the creator of evil. Their conflict involves all beings, and those who follow Angra Mainyu will be destroyed when the good of Ahura Mazda envelops everything. This dualism of good and evil is also present in the progressive sect’s…

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  • Unit 8 Vs Mazda 3 Comparison

    Mazda is challenged to convince potential customers not familiar with the brand to purchase the brand’s sport utility vehicle over its compact car. Mazda wants to tap into a potential customer’s imagination, appreciation for history, creativity and the courage of convictions. If a potential customer feels that any of these elements are irrelevant, the customer will ultimately choose one of Mazda’s competitors. Once the consumer is convinced, that Mazda is the appropriate brand, they must be…

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  • The Zoroastrian Myth

    manifestation of nature. Ahura Mazda and evil the brother of his rival Zarvanism also are introduced, but this Zoroastrian Magi, according to the interpretations of the teachings of the Avesta. There have been different ideas about the creation of the myth. For this…

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  • Theme Of Wisdom In Poor Richard's Almanac '

    Two words, resembling a child's handwriting, proclaiming speed: zoom zoom. Mazda wants the customer to want to feel like they were as a kid, they want to go fast. These two simple words empower the customer, craving speed and innocence. In Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac, one of his aphorism states, “the doors of wisdom are never shut” suggesting that there is no end to the amount of wisdom one can acquire in a lifetime.There is a surprising connection between Mazda “zoom zoom” and…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mazda's 'Driving Matters'

    Do people consider cars to be part of the family? Even if not, Mazda is trying to influence people that cars are now an essential part of the traditional American family. In the ad “Driving Matters,” created and produced by Mazda, they latch onto this idea and appeal to potential consumers by creating an ad that depicts the growth of a young man and his Mazda by his side the entire way (Driving Matters). Ad creators attempt to re-establish themselves as a family-oriented company by using a…

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  • Zoroastrianism: The First Monotheistic Religion

    Introduction Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It was one of the first monotheistic religion to exist. The religion was founded by Zarathustra, also known as Zoroaster. It was once the state religion of ancient Persia, now Iran. However, because of the spread of Islam, today, the religion isn’t as big as it used to be and not a lot of people practice it. History Zoroaster is traditionally believed to have lived around the 6th century BC. When he was around 30 he had a…

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  • Zoroastrianism And Christianity

    One of the similarities shared by the two religions is the similarity between the prophet of Ahura Mazda, Zarathustra, and the Christian Messiah, Jesus. For example, the two religious icons have supernatural births (born of virgins), youthful wisdom, religious turnings at the age of thirty, early religious bents, fitness and preeminent responsiveness (Applegate, Zoroastrianism and its probable influence of Judaism and Christianity, 193). Each religion has its form of “Original Sin”.…

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