Personal Narrative: My Trip To Germany

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When I was a little girl my mom never let me ride on a motorcycle. When I was an exchange student in Germany, everything changed. During my first three months there I had already tried new food, met new people, and started to learn a new language. I was feeling invincible from all these new experiences. I wanted to try everything possible during that year, because I wanted to keep this phenomenal feeling up. One day my host father, Burkhard, invited me to go on a tour that was a tradition for him, and his friends. He loved motorcycles.The plan was to go to the highest point of the region, Winterberg. The entire trip was a 6 hour drive. That night all I could think about was the tour, the excime.
“Gaby, willst du Morgen in einer motorradtour mit mir fahren?” Said Burkhard
“Aber natürlich!” I answered, with a big
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You can taste the bread and hot coffee from upstairs. “Guten Morgen”(good morning) says my host mom with a big smile on her face that never failed to be there.
Seconds later, tall, intimidating looking men come through the door, all wearing protective gear like in the competitions. I was surprised, because I thought it was something more casual. We all sat around the table outside of the house. The breeze was cold and the sky was gray, considered a good day in Germany.
I get into my gear, the heaviest clothing I have ever worn. We go outside, and take a few pictures before we start the trip. I get on the motorcycle, the adrenaline rushes through my bloodstream, my heartbeat starts to rise, something I have never experienced before. The cold soft breeze hit my neck; it felt like I was battling with the wind, while I contemplated the sun-drenched landscape, and we cruised through the roads as airplanes through the clouds. We made our first stop in a deserted place. The adrenaline, and the landscape didn’t make me realize how much my arms hurt from trying not to fall from the

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