Narrative Essay: How Skiing Changed My Life

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Narrative Essay
Have you ever broken your wrist and had to rush to the walk-in because your parents didn’t want to pay the emergency room bill? My dad and I went to Granite Peak to go skiing at 4:00 P.M. on Friday. This incident changed my life because I couldn’t play soccer for team Wisconsin, play in state hockey and my wrist always cracks when I twist it. On Friday at 4:00 P.M. my dad and I went skiing at granite peak it was an icy night with a lot of ice on the runs. First, we skied for a little bit on the middle runs then went over to the East side of the hill for a while. Then I said, “We should go back to the middle runs.”
Then my dad said, “One more run.”
Then I said, “Fine.” We should not have done that one last run because
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He was asking me a lot of questions and my hand was freezing from having my hand out of my glove. I couldn’t put my glove back on because whenever I even twitched my wrist it hurt. So the ski patrol called a snowmobile to the bottom of the hill and I had to ski down which I thought was going to be horrible, but it wasn’t too bad. When I got to the bottom by the snowmobile they wrapped my wrist with athletic tape. Next, they pulled out this cardboard square and I was thinking what is that for. Somehow they made like this sling out of it that my arm could rest in and not move. Then I got on the snowmobile and the driver gave the two ski patrol guys a rope so we could pull them. Once they got hooked up, then the driver took me to the ski patrol building. I got to the building and sat on something like a hospital bed, then in there the asked me, even more, questions than before. While that was all happening my dad was going to get the car to take me to the hospital once he pulled up to the building I got in. Once I was in he started to drive like a madman to make it to the walk in before they closed because he didn’t want to pay the emergency room bill and we made it in

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