Personal Narrative: Dancing In The Snow

I was dancing in the snow. Frosty and Olaf were playing tag. Santa was playing fetch with Rudolph, and the other reindeer were getting jealous. They plotted to kill Rudolph. I noticed this and decided to try to stop them. When they were about to launch their attack, I ran behind them and using the Sword of Gryffindor, I slayed them all. Then I woke up. “Oh look, it’s snowing outside.”

My mother and I made the trek towards the lake, all bundled up and ready to slide down a hill on a long piece of plastic with foam on top. It had snowed about six inches, and I hadn’t been in snow that deep in half a decade so it was already a good day. I knelt down in this snow to pose for a picture with my dog, Teddy. My mother got his attention
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The anticipation of getting to this golden treasure was growing with every step I took, every crunchy step. When we finally arrived, I stared down my opponent, the hill, as I mounted my trusty steed, my snow boogie, and cautiously eased my way onto the decline, lightly brushing the snow with my hands for steering. It was a bumpy ride, but I felt like I was riding first class. My routine began to seem rather basic after a while until the hardcore snow fans started to show up. These are the ones who make ramps out of snow. Said ramps will put you a cool yard into the air. One father so graciously invited me to, “Ride (his) jump bro!” I took the kind offer and stared down a new opponent, the hill, again mounting my aforementioned trusty steed, the snow boogie and pushing off more aggressively this time. I didn’t need to steer this time so I grabbed on to the handles placed at the front of the boogie, lifted up at the end of the jump and came down hard, closing my eyes to protect them from the snow that was tossed in my face. This continued on and off for a while as we took breaks to eat and chill. The day came down to a close and we were sad, because the snow day was over. We went to bed, I had another weird eighth grader dream, and woke up the next morning to more

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