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  • Sex Education In Schools Does Not Reduce Rates Of Teen Pregnancy

    be informing their children. Because sex in many homes is based on moral, religious and personal standards, the class will just help to jumpstart the parents’ confidence in the subject and then apply the information they want from their own personal experiences. (Castleman para. 16-24). My mother’s approach in talking about “The birds and the bees” was one that gradually built up over time. She was never straight- forward as far as sitting down with me face-to-face and staring me in the eyes while she said sexually words that would make you cringe hearing it come out their mouth (thank goodness) but my mother used other tactics. If there was a news story or our favorite show, The Maury Povich show, she would give hints as to how to handle certain situations. For example if a young girl was on The Maury Show comes on and said “I’m pregnant and I don’t know who the father is”, my mother would then say “Hmmm… that couldn’t be me. I have too much things to do to waste my time with that drama.” Once I heard my mother say these things, I soon began to have that same confidence about myself. I think about how I should handle the sex talk when it becomes my time to with my daughter. I also realize that I will have to be prepared sooner than I would hope because of being the only woman-figure in the household for my twin six-year old sisters. I hope to be as honest as possible when they do decide to ask me questions because what I tell them about sex will affect their outlook on a…

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  • Classism And Poverty

    the real housewife’s series. They give us two polar opposites as a way to clearly define the difference between higher and lower classes. We are constantly inundated with the idea that the poor are as Barbara Skeggs puts its “abject and irresponsible, ungovernable, dirty white, pointless and Useless, supposedly refusing not only to accrue value to themselves, but also represented as a Drain on the nation and a blockage to the development of cosmopolitan modernity of others”. While the rich have…

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