Classism And Poverty

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Poverty can be found everywhere in the world and it comes from the persistent inequality that can be found in all institutions governing our lives. Classism is a large cause of poverty people are judged based on their given social class and are refused opportunities and privileges that allow them to better themselves and climb their way out of poverty. Individuals are judged based on their tastes and appearance and inability to adhere to middle-class social norms. The media bombards people with the false idea that the lower class are really just lazy and lack work ethic, that they are a drain on society. A huge contributor to classism is greed the wealthy and powerful wish to stay the same or expand on what they already have which leads to …show more content…
Many people view them as leeches taking and giving nothing back they don’t consider the hardships and shame that people on welfare are exposed to. People who are considered middle or higher class tend to avoid areas with subsidized housing or places that are considered to be “ghetto” as they are taught that lower classes are violent and in order to distance themselves from being harmed they must not socialize with those of a lower class.(cite) This deeply embedded fear and distrust of lower classes leads to policies that are more harmful than effective. Much needed programs are often cut in communities that desperately need them because people believe that having access to free resources or receiving welfare is essentially being given free money for no work or effort. Convincing the general public that the lower class is merely lazy gives the government a scapegoat for their failures. If you convince people to blame the poor for being poor then you never have to look or treat the underlying issues.
Classism is a large contributor to poverty. Lower classes are not afforded the same privileges as others, their schools aren’t as well-funded and many can’t afford higher education, they are discriminated against merely for how they look and talk, they aren’t given job interviews based on differences of tastes and opinions, and they are constantly degraded and told that their place in life is their own fault. Eradicating Classism isn’t possible unless the attitudes of people change, society must stop being scared of the less fortunate and look beyond superficial

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