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Article Summary of a Clinical Review
In this article, Baranoski, LeBlanc, and Gloeckner (2016) bring attention to the topic of skin tears and the complications that can arise from them. The authors point out that while skin tears are common, they are often poorly treated and the result can be increased complications, hospital stays, and other negative effects. To highlight this issue, Baranoski et al. (2016) discusses complications from a skin tear on an elderly patient that was not properly treated. This patient highlights the common issues surrounding skin tears, and the authors use the description of this patient as a jumping point for addressing the frequency and characteristics and risk factors, as well as the best practice for preventing, documenting, and treating skin tears.
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As discussed in the article, newborns, the elderly, and those with chronic or critical illnesses are especially prone to experiencing skin tears (Baranoski et al., 2016), and thus these populations should be treated with this risk in mind. Having an understanding of those who are most at risk and ways in which the risk can be reduced can significantly change the trajectory of a patients stay in care settings. For instance, a nurse who is aware of the increased risk for skin tears will take precautions to avoid them, thus reducing injury, pain, and further complications. Being as these populations are likely already experiencing difficulties from other issues, it is important to minimize the amount and nature of complications that they are experiencing for the sake of both their physical and emotional well-being. Skin tears, although often seen as minor, are a common, and in most cases, easily preventable issue that can greatly impact the care and well-being of an

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