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  • Bioremediation And Chemical Remediation On The Environment

    detrimental effects on the environment and the economy. Oil spills can potentially cost billions of dollars. There are multiple ways in which oil spills can be cleaned in a safe and cost efficient way. One way is bioremediation, which is the use of microorganisms to break down pollutants. Another effective way is chemical remediation, which is the use of chemicals to extract pollutants from an environment. In this paper, I will discuss the beneficial attributes of bioremediation and chemical remediation in the oil spill clean up process. Oil is one of the major pollutants in the environment, especially for ocean pollution. Barges, tankers,…

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  • Offshore Bioremediation Case Study

    Enhanced bioremediation- (Gerrard et al. 1999) p.9) did not put to consideration that offshore bioremediation was realistic, however, technology might have more so temporarily. Though this happens to be a very expensive option that needs to a great extent a huge consumption of energy (122 GJ per m3 matched to the next highest option that is onshore treatment that needs 6.5 GJ per m3). Nevertheless, this method would operate only in the summer with a 5 years period for a 6,000 m3 pile and about…

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  • Figure 3. Four Isomers Of Non-Acidic Oxygen Compounds

    ii. Non-Acidic Oxygen Compounds Figure 3.4 Isomers of non-acidic oxygen compounds (Retrieved from Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes, 2nd Edition, 2001). C .Asphlathenes It is organometallic compounds and inorganic salts (metallic compounds). Mostly sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminium, iron, vanadium, nickel are present either as inorganic salts, such as sodium and magnesium chlorides, or in the form of organometallic compounds, such as those of nickel and vanadium (as in porphyrins).…

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  • Why Is Gmo Bad

    nuclear waste. The government approved GMO’s based on the safety research that has been done on GMO’s by the companies that manufacture and sell the GMO’s and also make a profit. But more and more American’s are choosing to opt out of the GMO experiment. There are three main uses for GMO’s, those are Agriculture, Medicine, and Bioremediation. Agriculture is the biggest users of GMO’s. Plant crops, have been subjected to frequent types of genetic modification including both feed and fiber…

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  • Metal Resistance Essay

    Siderophore enhances the mobility of metals and various types of metals such as Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, and the actinides Th (IV), U (IV) and Pu (IV) are solubilized by siderophore (Schalk et al., 2011). These characteristics of siderophore are arises due to its ligand functionalities and with the help of this property siderophores may have a strong binding affinity or selectivity to metal other than Fe (Hernlem et al., 1999). Pseudomonas aeruginosa secrete the pyochelin siderophore and could…

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  • Importance Of Biotechnology Essay

    Environment is the term used for defining our surroundings which may include the biotic and abiotic components that are present around us. Biotic components include the microbes, plants and animals and abiotics are soil, water and air [1]. Biotechnology is the integration of technology and natural sciences by utilizing organisms and cells, to produce knowledge, services and products [2]. Environmental biotechnology refers to the application of biotechnology which is used for finding a way to…

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  • Yellow River Water Pollution

    Basin. (Ouyang et al., 2010) One way to control pollution is to apply long-term vegetation landscape patterns to retain some of these chemicals. Indeed this measure can help to reduce contamination coming from residential, agricultural and industrial areas dumping their waste into the river. The vegetation can retain the particles, as a solution a constant re-vegetation must be accomplished in specific areas, to minimize runoffs. However, the different forms of these nutrients need to be…

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  • The Importance Of Microbes In Human Welfare

    proved themselves useful over here as well. Sewage treatment plants collect water in reservoirs for recycling. Large solid wastes in the water are removed by physical separation techniques like filtration. Now what remains behind is the water containing harmful microbes and dissolved toxins like organic wastes. This water is incubated with bacteria that are capable of converting organic material into by-products like carbon dioxide, methane, phosphates, ammonia, etc. Bioremediation: Some…

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  • S. Ureae Isolation

    between 30 and 42 degrees Celcius (Mujeeb et al. 2012). The use of microbes to degrade pesticides could be a positive or negative factor. Overuse of pesticides can be a problem for our environment and microbes like this one can be used to help clean up the contaminated soil. On the other hand, without pesticides, some crops can be overrun by pests. S. ureae certainly has it’s use in agriculture as long as the right balance can be obtained. S. ureae is not something that is frequently talked…

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  • Water Pollution In China Research Paper

    damage to the nerve system. One more important effect of the water pollution is the continually breeding of the algae. It can grow three times of its size within 2-3 days (Patricia). These algae can cause the liver cancer and many more of the health problems. Thus, increasing of an algae is not a good thing. As societies, we should place the same priority on upgrading out-of-date or under capacity sewage treatment plants that sometimes spew their contents into our waterway (Azeem). First, get…

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