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  • Commercial Potty

    In the attempt to design a commercial potty, it is crucial to address the customer’s needs as well as the company’s needs. According to the customers’ answers to our survey, it is quite evident that they are most concerned about price, weight, durability, degradability and ease of storing. However, the company needs to take several other factors into consideration, including ease of making, product safety, and manufacture cost. Here, the manufacture cost and the sale price are represented by a single criterion, cost, because the relation between these two is positive correlation, meaning high (or low) manufacture cost leads to high (or low) sale price. These needs of customers and company constitute the product criteria, which demand thorough attention in the progress of designing a biodegradable potty. These criteria are listed, again, in the table below: Table 5. Product Criteria Number Product criteria 1 Degradability 2 Weight 3 Durability 4 Ease of storing 5 Ease of making 6 Product safety 7 Cost These factors are not listed in order of importance, i.e. number 1, degradability, is not the most important criteria, and number 7, cost, is not necessarily the least. Most of the potty used in healthcare nowadays are made of ubiquitous polymers such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene, which are generally non-biodegradable under normal environmental conditions. Thus, degradability is significantly low. For an overnight-or-one-day use product like healthcare potty, such low…

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  • The Conclusion Of Bioplastic And Biogradable Plastics

    Index 1. Introduction 2. About plastic 3. 7 Types of plastic 4. Plastic in the environment 5. Bioplastic and Biogradable plastics 6. Conclusion 7. Bibliography 1. From food containers to cars and from toys to technology, everything can be made out of plastic. Plastics are carbon based polymers (polymers mean something of many parts) mostly made from petroleum. There are approximately 100 million tons of plastic produced every year. Some people believed that we have entered the age…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic

    flavor for directly in contact with its plastic packaging. The flavor can be lost because the organic compunds are absorbed into the packaging material (Kirwan, Plant and Strawbridge, 2013). Food deterioration can occur when foods inside packaging material do not have enough space and the condition is very humid. Mold and bacteria can grow easily which cause the foods decayed. In conclusion, plastic packaging should not be banned. Although plastic has some limitation in human and environment…

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  • The Chemistry Behind Polymers

    distinct properties and features. Significantly, bioplastics are plastics that are composed of plant sugars that are able to decompose. In fact, “Bioplastics are made by converting the sugar present in plants into plastic” (Washam 10). Furthemore, depending on where the bioplastic is made, the origin of the sugar can be different, it can be from corn, sugarcane, sugar beets, wheat, or potatoes (Washam 10). To enumerate, there are two very common types of bioplastics known as polylactide acid…

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  • Polylactic Acid

    Polylactic Acid Plastics have played a major role in shaping modern society, ultimately improving the quality of life. Making up most things man-made, plastics surround us every day. They possess unique characteristics; plastics can be tough and rigid yet still flexible and can be opaque yet transparent. The building blocks of plastics are small organic molecules often known as monomers, which then join to other monomers creating long molecule chains called polymers in a process called…

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  • Conservation Of Water Pollution Essay

    types of TMDLs. In other words, developing a TMDL that collaborates with both a specific pollutant and a specific body of water is no minor task. Along with TMDLs, desalination seems to be a practical idea, but as a matter of fact it is inefficient. To elaborate, desalination requires copious amounts of energy to produce an insignificant amount of distilled water. Furthermore, the process generates pollution due to the use of fossil fuels. In spite of the fact that desalination is expensive,…

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  • Disposable Plastic Bottles

    water bottles. Crude oil is used the majority of the time when producing disposable, plastic water bottles made from PET plastic. Extracting this crude oil releases greenhouse gases and toxins into the environment. After the oil has been extracted, it is transported to refineries where it is distilled and shipped to a manufacturer that creates tiny plastic pellets. Bottle producers then melt down these pellets into plastic test tubes, heat, and expand them to the desired shape and size. In the…

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  • Oshenite Raw Materials

    and delivered transportation include: rail, bulk truck, gaylords, super sacks, bags. e. Post Construction: How long does the material stay in the building? Is it able to be recycled? What is its potential second life? As a filler for commodity plastics, Oshenite offers all kinds benefits in bio based plastic. In building and construction industries. The applications of Oshenite is food handling. Oshenite is 100% recyclable and it is a renewable resource pure from the…

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  • Key Process Of Samsung Electronics

    The development of social conscience has provided new areas of production focus for Samsung to achieve value added features. Environmental issues are forefront in consumer product evaluation, as global emphasis on this issue gathers momentum. Therefore, product development has been driven to achieve componentry that contains recyclable and environmentally safe manufacturing. The Galaxy Young 2 contains bioplastic components that are produced with a mix of recycled plastic, normal plastic and…

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  • Importance Of Control Of The Cacao Tree

    The early bioplastics were simply displaced by plastics made from synthetic polymers. Thanks to the World War II, plastic productions were increased. In the year 2000’s and beyond, the demand for materials in manufacturing plastics is continually growing. Now, the plastics industry has a huge importance in our economy. However, the magnitude of the plastics industry itself has a cause for concern by increasing waste and diminishing. Finding the alternative of plastic bags for wrapping the cacao…

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