Biological Weapons Research Paper

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Abstracts: This paper is to explain what a biological weapon is and how it affects environment, humans, and the economy. Along with explaining how the disease is spread from person to person, promoting illness. With a little bit of history on biological weapons, and my views on biological weapons.
A biological weapon is also known as a germ weapon. This is when bacteria, viruses, fungi, or toxins can be used as a weapon against, animals, plants of humans. The use of infectious agents were used in warfare. Diseases were known to kill off more soldiers more than combat has. This tactic was used because it has the ability to kill or injure a humans with little to no effort. The history of genetics began many years ago according to Paradowski,
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Typhus is spread by lice that are infected with a bacteria called Rickettsia Prowazekki. The lice would attach itself to a human, once it comes in contact with the human, it sucks the victim’s blood and releases feces. The feceses irritates the victim’s skin, causing them to scratch. There are two main types of typhus are endemic and epidemic. Epidemic typhus is caused by the bacteria Rickettsia typhiprowazekii and R. felis causes endemic typhus. The endemic typhus is mainly caused by fleas, while the epidemic is mainly caused my lice. These both are passed when the lice and fleas get the bacteria from animals they have hosted on such as pigs, cats, rats, raccoons and other animals. The risk factors from both types of typhus, is visiting placed where there are many mice, rats, and lice, or from visiting jails, refugee camps, or areas with high poverty. The symptom usually start one to two weeks after the victim is infected. Epidemic typhus is more severe than endemic. The symptoms affect the brain causing sever confusion. Hallucinations, drowsiness, decrease in memory, and emotional changes are also symptoms the brain causes once a victim is infected. Epidemic typhus is also linked to low blood pressure causing dizziness, fainting, and lightheadedness. Lastly, it is linked to death. On the other hand Endemic typhus does not lead to death, the symptoms are less harsh. High fever, diarrhea, nausea, and rashes are the …show more content…
A lot of studies have reported scrub typhus is still spreading in countries; Southwest Asia, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam. Scrub Typhus is a disease caused by an infection with bacteria, in which mites transmit when they bite humans, the disease is acute, meaning that it can be treated. The disease was not recognized until the World Wars began, it started to rise. Soldiers spent a lot of time near the mites, which caused many to get infected. This disease happens more frequently in rural and suburban areas and less in cities because it has great habitat for the mite, the outbreaks also has a lot to do with the climate. When the temperature is warm and human the mites multiply and become a

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