The Pros And Cons Of A Biological Weapon

Abstracts: This paper is to explain what a biological weapon is and how it affects environment, humans, and the economy. Along with explaining how the disease is spread from person to person, promoting illness. With a little bit of history on biological weapons, and my views on biological weapons.
A biological weapon is also known as a germ weapon. This is when bacteria, viruses, fungi, or toxins can be used as a weapon against, animals, plants of humans. The use of infectious agents were used in warfare. Diseases were known to kill off more soldiers more than combat has. This tactic was used because it has the ability to kill or injure a humans with little to no effort. The history of genetics began many years ago according to Paradowski,
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A bacteria by the name Orientia tsutsugamushi is what causes this. The term Tsutsuga in Japanese means illness and Mushi means insects, which is what scrub typhus means. This bacteria has many serotypes, which makes it fairly hard to make a vaccination or immunity. The reason why it is difficult, is because a human’s body can become immune to one of the serotypes and not the other, leaving room for infection in the other serotypes. The bacteria is transmitted to us through something called the chigger bite. The Chigger bite is when the mite bites the victim and spreads the toxins. A chigger is the larval stage of Leptotrombidium. The mite starts as an egg, then develops into larva, after the larva stage comes the nymph, and then the mite matures into an adult. When the mite bites into skin and releases digestive enzymes, which digests our cells. The symptoms of the disease is a scab on the skin from where the mite bite the skin, this is called an Eschar. Another symptom is coughing, body rashes, fever, chills, and a sharp painful headache. This disease can be diagnosed by blood count, liver function, ultrasounds of abdomen or chest x-rays. The way to treat scrub typhus is by taking an antibiotic by the name of Doxycycline, similar to the other forms of typhus. This treatment is given to adults and women that are not pregnant. Azithromycin are given to women bearing children, and children. To avoid this disease one should use mite repellent, cover the skin and try to avoid the areas that are infested with them. The mites are normally found in gardens, parks, lakes, or grassy fields. So these areas should try to be avoided until the mites are

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