Biological Terrorism By Steve Goodwin And Randall W. Phillis Essay

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There are many ways of getting sick such as airborne, touching someone. For a long time this is how people have gotten a cold or chicken pox. As medicine is readily available to aid in the recovery of an illness. Viruses can become resistant to medicine just as our bodies could resist to some sicknesses. In the book Biological Terrorism by Steve Goodwin and Randall W. Phillis they present a history of microorganism used to help cure diseases and misused by Medics, and biological warfare. To combat sickness scientist have studied ways to reduce deaths caused by diseases by developing vaccines. The use of vaccinations aids a sick person to cure a certain viruses like the flu or small pox. “The idea behind a vaccine is to stimulate the body’s immune system in a way that can be remembered and used to fight off disease at a later date (Goodwin, Phillis 9).” Vaccinations facilitate the cure of the illness by helping the immune system memorize how to prevent future illness caused by the same virus. It is like when one hits their toe on a leg of a chair, the first time it is painful but, then one memorizes of such pain that the following time a person comes by the chair the previous event will not occur again. In addition, white blood cells is a major contributor in helping defeat viruses. “The white blood cells are able to differentiate into several different cell types with a variety of different functions. One of the major functions is to distinguish between cells that are part…

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