Synthesis Essay

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There are many ways of getting sick such as airborne, touching someone. For a long time this is how people have gotten a cold or chicken pox. As medicine is readily available to aid in the recovery of an illness. Viruses can become resistant to medicine just as our bodies could resist to some sicknesses. In the book Biological Terrorism by Steve Goodwin and Randall W. Phillis they present a history of microorganism used to help cure diseases and misused by Medics, and biological warfare. To combat sickness scientist have studied ways to reduce deaths caused by diseases by developing vaccines. The use of vaccinations aids a sick person to cure a certain viruses like the flu or small pox. “The idea behind a vaccine is to stimulate the body’s …show more content…
By changing it is harder for the immune system to recognize the illness and the cycle begins again. “Bacteria are able to develop resistance to antibiotics through repeated exposure (Goodwin, Philis 18)”. Bacteria are able to become resistant to antibiotics so this means that researchers have to find a new way to fight off the new bacteria that have become immune previously. “The prevalence of antibiotic resistance through the misuse of antibiotics is increasingly becoming a problem (Goodwin Phillis 18)”. Diseases are becoming stronger and harder to find new ways to develop new antibiotics. Moreover, there are certain illness that cannot be cured with antibiotics. For example, Botulism is an illness that is linked to caned and foil-wrapped food products. Botulism can be found in these products because it can survive without oxygen. “Antibiotic cannot be used to treat intoxication because the toxin has already been released from the bacterium (Goodwin Phillis 20)”. This means that there antibiotics cannot cure this type of illness. Instead of antibiotics, antitoxins are used to cure Botulism. Recently, the United States has licensed Botulinum as a therapeutic to treat wryneck, lazy eye, and blepharospasm. As a result, Botulinum is being misused into treatments that it is not intended

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