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  • Feminist Geopolitical Analysis Everywhere War

    The term geopolitical analysis is hard to define due to the multifaceted nature of geopolitics. In its simplest form, geopolitics can be defined as the ‘theory and practice of politics at a global scale with a specific emphasis on the geographies that both shape and result from that politics’ (Dittimer and Sharp, 2014, p3). Therefore, we can view geopolitical analysis as the examination of politics on a global scale in relation to the physical geography that defines it. Debatably, geopolitical analysis is beginning to lose its relevance in today’s world where the nature of politics and international relations is changing. Derek Gregory goes as far as arguing that world politics in the 21st century has revolutionised due to the ‘war on terror’…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Globalization?

    involvement in Al-Qaeda to the future projection of 2026 shows the massive technological advancement of not only America, but that other nations have made as well. Although globalism has different definitions to different theorists, we will use the definition that “globalism is a state of the world involving networks of interdependence at multicontinental distances” (Nye and Keohane, 2). Globalism is the overarching theme of both globalization and geopolitics, which have different definitions…

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  • Halford J. Mackinder's Influence On Nazi Germany

    It can be assumed that prior to having access to Haushofer’s work it would have been difficult for the Nazi party to understand geopolitics to the extent they did. In the German form of “geopolitiks” Haushofer’s work today makes him a proponent of the subject, but also can indicate to us much about Nazi strategic concerns. Mackinder’s theory further analyzed would suggest to the Nazi party looking for military advantages that portions of Eastern Europe and Asia (Eurasia) is beneficial to them…

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  • How Did Geopolitics Influence Imperialism

    Geopolitics has an important effect on society and imperialism in certain countries such as Africa. Geopolitics is also the reason why some rulers go to war with other countries and try to take their land. For example, Napoleon decided to invade Russia so he could control India, which was under British rule. One of the main causes for imperialism was that the British had a financial interest in Africa and the Suez Canal. Geopolitics significantly influenced Napoleon’s conquest of Russia to gain…

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  • Analysis Of The Great Illusion By Norman Angell

    cultures is known by the moniker of “globalization”. Proponents of globalization believe that through spreading of ideas and culture the world will benefit and be better off for it. They even go as far as to say things along the lines of “Globalization is rendering the concepts of geopolitics and Great Powers obsolete.” The very idea of this argument is, of course, quite nonsensical, and the exact opposite…

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  • Mackinder's Observation Of A Land-Based Power Analysis

    supposed as the most authoritative defender of established geopolitics, and his lessons about the Pivot of British History and Heartland are alluded to in practically all geopolitical writings. Not the greater part of this consideration however is sure. We inspect the altogether different courses in which Mackinder is conveyed in this writing, and how he is re-meant to make his thoughts applicable for contemporary Russia. Around 1900 the youthful geographer, Mackinder, became worried about the…

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  • The Relationship Between Political Geography And Economic Geography

    any of the aforementioned points possible with the right economy behind them. Without funds to do so there is high chance that these nations or states would thrive in todays global economy. Geopolitics are important when looking at the global economy. Geopolitics is “how international relations relate to the spatial layout of oceans, continents, natural resources, military organization, political systems and perceived territorial threats and opportunities.” ( Gregory, Dictionary of Human…

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  • Reframing Contemporary Africa Analysis

    Third Written Report This section of Reframing Contemporary Africa by Peyi Soyinka – Airewele and Rita Kiki Edozie looks at external and internal factors were affecting the African nation. In ‘The New Oil Gulf of Africa: Global Geopolitics and Enclave Oil Producing Economies” by Okbazghi Yohannes looks at the participating of Africa in the world economy and how resource reach African countries have been affected by it. In "The Politics of HIV/ AIDS in Africa: Representation and the Political…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    they were ill prepared without their help the group would have died. (Vice, 2016) The point of this example is to show how logistically, individuals are misinformed and the naivety of people that are attempting to flee their current situation. This directly addresses the audience by showing that it is our duty to help in whichever way to prevent individuals from endangering themselves in this way. Logic is essential in order to persuade an audience and this documentary finds a way to perfectly…

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  • Two Concepts Of Freedom Essay

    Individualism; as the notion of self-interested individuals, are projected as a result of game theory applications in economics and politics rather than the century long backbone of classical liberal theory which has been developing and growing in many aspects of society for long time. A more telling point is the fact that Adam Curtis portrays the Neoliberal foreign policy of spreading liberal democracy as linked to the desire to spread the Negative liberty, which is essentially a classical…

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