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  • Lost In Translation Film Analysis

    dwellers perform to keep their distance socially despite being in close physical proximity (2003, 301). The result of this trick, however, is anonymity where urban dweller appear to be indifferent to each other. In the film Lost in Translation, the concept of anonymity is brought to centre stage through the two main characters ' interaction with the urban environment. Bob, played by Bill Murray, is an example of Georg Simmel 's metropolitan type in that he is scheduled, part of the money economy, and most importantly has a blasé appearance. Conversely, Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson, is the opposite of the metropolitan type as she is irrational in her motives and…

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  • Georg Simmel: A Sociological Analysis

    the community and Society. Georg Simmel believe the world couldn’t be Microbiology analyze and but had five key ideas he believes people of the world can be: “Social forms, Social types, Sociability, Conflict, and The metropolis”. Simmel focus on the smaller topics l and not “the grand theory like Durkheim or Marx”, However, Simmel believe the world can be Sociability because they will interact with each other. People will chat with each other and gain a relationship with each other. And the was…

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  • Relationship Between Individuals And Society By Karl Marx And Georg Simmel

    writers and philosophers of almost every time period have examined the convoluted relationship between social relations and individuals including Karl Marx and Georg Simmel. While some have taken the approach that individuals are shaped by their social world, others insist that the social world itself is what shapes individuals. There are a few theories that exist with regards to the connection between individuals and society which will be discussed throughout this short essay in order to fully…

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  • Biography Of Georg Ferdinard Ludwig Philipp Cantor

    Born March 3, 1845, Georg Ferdinard Ludwig Philipp Cantor, begin his life in the northwestern corner named Russia within the well-populated merchant colony of Saint Petersburg. The oldest of six children, Cantor was a great violinist. Taking after his grandfather, Franz Bohm (1788-1846) who played in a Russian imperial orchestra. Opposite from his grandfather was Cantor’s father a member among the Saint Petersburg stock exchange, and he was an ace at that, for that the money Cantor’s father…

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  • Should There Be Infinite

    To the best of our knowledge, humans are the only creatures on earth that are able to contemplate infinity. We commonly talk about the infinite universe (which cosmologists now tell us is almost certainly finite but unbounded), we speak of infinite number series, such as the set of even numbers, and we use it metaphorically, as in saying someone has “infinite patience.” Time itself is spoken of as infinite, though it is always tied to finite objects which are changing and we can 't even come…

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  • Violence Towards Women In The Duchess Of Malfi By John Webster And Woyzeck

    This drama study will define the conflict of male gender dominance and violence towards women in The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster and Woyzeck by Georg Buchner. In Webster’s play, the duchess is continually at the mercy of her brother, Ferdinand, because he does not want her to inherit their father’s money. The duchess has an illicit love affair with Antonio, which makes it possible for Ferdinand and the Cardinal to have her executed for an illicit love affair. This form of male gender…

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  • A New Perspective On Africa

    A New Perspective On Africa “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa- for he has so much to look forward to.”- Rich Mullins The continent of Africa is one of the most under recognized and under appreciated gems of the world. In the past, the continent of Africa was seen as barbaric and hopelessly primitive. Many believe the media propaganda that this continent is impoverished and under populated. By taking a deeper look at some often under-represented aspects of this…

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  • Antigone And Creon Essay

    German Philosopher, Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, believed Antigone was an unrivaled example to support his claim on tragic collisions: stating that there isn't a tragic hero, only a collision between two who are equally right in their own standards. Antigone and Creon both had justified views in this play written by Sophocles— Antigone focusing more of lawful ethics and the Creon based more on family morals. This does, indeed, support Hegel's theory of a tragic collision, but only to an extent to…

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  • Karl Marx's Social Conflict Theory

    There are hundreds of group theories that explain why groups operate they way they do. One theory that I found interesting and very familiar to me was Karl Marx’s Social Conflict Theory. Karl Marx was a very famous philosopher, revolutionary, and social scientist. Karl Marx was born on 1818 in Trier, Germany. Karl was the third of nine children living in a middle class home. He attended private school where he joined a radical group later becoming the president. While studying in London with…

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  • Dialectic Approach Of Idealism

    There are many methods of teaching the various subjects taught in today’s educational system. One such method is the dialectic approach of Idealism. The dialectic approach can be applied to many different areas of teaching to enhance the educational delivery and the resulting understanding of the students. Idealism is possibly the oldest Western philosophy we know and study in the present day. It traces back at least to Ancient Greece and Plato. It was once the dominant philosophy of Western…

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