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  • The Pros And Cons Of Career Paths In Chemistry

    Chemistry has many different career paths and chemists specialise in a diverse range of different areas. Chemistry is a science that deals with the properties, composition, structure of elements and compounds, thereby; chemists use this information to develop new materials and substances. There are a number of career paths in chemistry such as biochemistry, industrial chemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry and much more. While all the other field names speak for themselves, industrial chemistry deals with the large-scale processing of chemicals and chemical products for industrial and consumer uses. Industrial chemistry plays a vital role as an applied science in areas that influence today’s society and environment both positively and…

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  • Five Core Values Of A Chemist

    1.) did some research on what a chemist does, what the work environment is like, what education is required, what skills you need to be successful, how much they are paid, and what a typical day in the career is like. According to O*NET OnLine, the Strong Interest Inventory letters are IRC. This makes sense because chemistry is a true science that requires a very investigative approach. Chemists analyze data and reactions. They make new discoveries and changes. This is a realistic career…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Chemist

    If I had to choose a career today, I would be a chemist. This process was kind of a “stress test” to help me decide on a career. During the process, I had changed my mind about becoming a nurse. Instead I had decided that my dream job was working as a chemist, in the chemical manufacturing industry. I also had to do some mental wrestling with my own thoughts as I ventured through the process of finding my dream job. Progressing further, I looked at what they do, what education and credentials…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Chemist Lee Cronin

    PRINT YOUR OWN MEDICINE Chemist Lee Cronin is a professor of chemistry and nanoscience and chemical complexity. He founded the Cronin group who is focused on complex functional molecular architectures that are not based on biologically derived building blocks. Cronin’s idea is to “app” chemistry and by this he means making a “really cool universal chemistry set”. He speaks with confidence to a mature audience that has an interest in the future of chemistry and medicine and those who create or…

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  • The Chemist John Dalton's Discovery Of The Atomic Theory

    The atom is the smallest unit of matter. The name “atom” comes from the Greek word atomos, which means “uncuttable.” Atomic theory states that all matter is made up of these small particles, and that these atoms, and the matter made from them, cannot be created nor destroyed, merely reshaped and reformed. Modern chemistry unofficially began in the eighteenth century. French scientist Antoine Lavoisier discovered the law of the conservation of mass c. 1785. This law states that “The total mass…

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  • Benefits Of Cosmetics

    What knowledge exactly? In order to call yourself a Cosmetic Chemist, you must have an advanced degree in science, no lower than a bachelors. By a degree in science, you are limited to an applied science that involves several labs in order to pass the course; such as, microbiology, chemical engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, and pharmaceutical science. “A master’s degree program in Cosmetic Science includes courses in applied chemistry, dermal pharmacology, cosmetic formulation…

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  • Marie Curie And Dimitri Mendeleev's Impact On Modern Day Science And Society

    What is a chemist? A chemist is a scientist that studies, physical and chemical properties of different forms of matter. There are two profound chemist whose findings were crucial to today's understanding of chemistry. There names were Marie Curie and Dimitri Mendeleev, both chemist made significant impacts on modern day science and society. Dmitri Mendeleev is responsible for the creation of the periodic table, while Marie Curie is responsible for discovering radioactivity, which advanced the…

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  • Chemia Molecule Synthesis: Four Types

    namely Chemist, TL (Team-Lead), HOD (Head of The Department), Admin, QA (Quality Analyst). In Molecule Synthesis module project can be created by the HOD (Head of the Departments) or TL (Team Lead), one project contains more than one notebook and one notebook contains more than one experiment. HOD (Head of The Department) can assign the notebook or entire project or experiments in one particular notebook can be assigned to Team Lead or Chemist.TL also assigns the member to the experiment or the…

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  • Who Is Johann Joachim Becher?

    alchemist, and precursor of chemistry. Becher was an author of two books, the Physica Subterranea and The Truth of the Philosopher´s Stone: Magnalia Naturae. This contributed to Becher becoming one of the most renowned chemists in the seventeenth century. Born on May 6, 1635 in Speyer, Germany, Becher had quite a tough youth. His…

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  • CORPS Interest Inventory

    wanted to become a scientist and the CORPS interest inventory helped me define a more accurate field within science. I have chosen a major in chemistry within physical science. The educational requirements to become a chemist is a bachelor's degree, which most times is 4 years of post secondary education.…

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