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  • The Wachowski Brothers: Movie Analysis

    We live in a society where were are constantly moving in fast pace environment. This creates a hostile society that is built on lies and manipulation. Since it does not allow people to become their own person. Society pressures its civilians to live by their rules and animosity. therefore this discourages a lot of people from accomplishing out of the ordinary goals. The movie “The Matrix directed by the Wachowski Brothers” adapt the structured world in a futuristic world that shifts it audience member concept toward their opinion toward their society.The film was apart of a movie blockbuster trilogy at the time.Therefore film used the main character Neo to create a shift in society that was the real world and the matrix world to put an end…

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  • Essay On Allegory Of Reality In Peter Pan And The Wachowski Brothers

    Determining the constituents of reality is arguable the genesis of a prevailing acquiescence within society, and this manifests largely as either blind conformity or wistful ignorance. J.M Barrie and The Wachowski Brothers, authors of Peter Pan and The Matrix, respectively, consider how the obvious dichotomy between reality and fantasy in the two texts acts as a metaphor for society and their ability to choose preferential ignorance in times of strife. This idea is extended to incorporate the…

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  • Dystopian Texts In Kazuo Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go'

    are an engagine medium for conveying political ideas to contemporary vieweres. ONe of the most prevalent aspects of the typical Dystopia is advanced technology, a characteristics which is becoming increaseingly true for our world. Composers of Dystopian texts aim to bring attention to the political exploitation of individuals, and it is the similarity between Dystopian worlds and our own which allows for the conveyance of this idea so effectively. Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go is a…

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  • Cloud Atlas Analysis

    film presented six different stories. One of a young businessman named Adam Ewing in 1849 who, on a ship journeying through the Pacific Islands home, is being poisoned by a doctor who is stealing his valuables. Ewing also manages to save a stowaway slave after convincing the captain of the ship to let the former slave join the ship’s crew. Robert Frobisher, a young English composer in 1936, who finds work under a renowned composer and eventually through sacrifice comes to composes his own…

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  • Similarities Between The Matrix And Allegory Of The Cave

    To find the answer to the metaphysical question ‘What is real?” has been a philosopher’s intention for years. The Matrix, directed by Andy Wachowski and the written text, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave revolves around the concept of replying to this question. These two mediums share more similarities than differences. The Matrix as well as the Allegory of the Cave shares the concept of acceptance and broadening ones senses, the desire to learn, and having the knowledge to realize when one is in…

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  • Realism And Materialism In The Wachowski Brothers The Matrix

    There is no Spoon The debate between idealism and materialism is an interesting aspect of philosophy and this debate has been visualised in many movies such as The Wachowski Brothers’ The Matrix (1999). The movie questions reality and an argument that can be identified from the movie is that the mind is the only thing that exists; the body and all things material, are illusions of the mind and therefore their existence can be questioned. According the Morpheus, the Matrix is a…

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  • Husband Harlequin Said The Ticktockman Analysis

    ‘‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman” by Harlan Ellison is set in the future setting of the technological world that functions on the strict schedules, like ticking of the time bomb. The plot of the story revolves around a world, for which time means everything. Ticktockman, the protagonist, is a robotic character that has the authority to penalize or kill those who do not value their time and do not comply with their commitments. In actual, the story is a satire on the utilization and…

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  • The Matrix And Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    The Allegory of The Matrix Famous astronomer Galileo Galilei once said that “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”. He is a renowned intellectual as well as an astronomer, he believed in always finding the truth. He believed that it is the most important aspect of life. This is very similar to the views of Plato and the Wachowskis’, they believe that even if the truth is hidden from us, we must strive to find it. In Plato's "Allegory of the…

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  • Ideas In The Matrix: The Matrix As A Dystopian Society

    By definition, dystopia describes an imaginary society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible. It is believed that the Matrix is a dystopian society because the world inside the computer fabricates what you hear, smell, see, taste and even touch. Due to the computers isolating and incapacitating each human, the computers control all independent thoughts, freedom, or true individuality, all characteristics of a dystopian society. Wilful deception means allowing oneself to be…

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  • Comparing 1984 And The Film The Matrix

    The novel 1984 and the film The Matrix have many common themes and characters, but are also very different stories. The first similarity of the two works is between 1984’s Thought Police and The Matrix’s agents. In 1984, the Thought Police control everything and are always watching; looking for inappropriate actions, behaviour, or even expressions. On the other hand, the agents do very similar things in the matrix and through this they have created a “prison for the mind” (Wachowski and…

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