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  • Russia And Japanese Imperialism Essay

    grew smaller in power, Russia, Japan, and China being the greatest examples. While Japan thrived in many aspects, Russia and China were on the verge of falling apart. The different approaches to nationalism by the three countries affected their political, social, and economic transformation and modernization while Japan mostly benefitted in comparison to Russia and China. Japan followed China to open their gates to trade “under pressure from the west” (Valentini 1). Both these countries were “technologically” and militarily behind the west so they were forced to “sign unequal treaties”…

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  • Ritual Suicides In Japan

    Suicides are a worldwide phenomenon known in every culture and society. In japan the rate of suicides is among the highest in the world. Japan’s culture is considered to have a very permissive attitude towards suicides by the western nations. The historical past of ritual suicides among the samurais has often been pointed out as a possible motive where choosing death over life was considered a heroic act. Following Japan’s economic resecsion the rates of suicide has increased a lot. Suicides…

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  • Fan Subbed Atime

    research I found an article called "legality of Fansub" by George Phillip 's. In the article author talks about Japanese copyright law "in Japan [copy right] include the right to reproduce the work, the right to transmit the work, the right to distribute the work or its reproductions, the right to transfer ownership of the work, and finally the right of translation" (Phillip). The part of the quote that is most important to is the fan-sub is the last part of the quote since fan-subs are…

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  • Suicide In Japan

    conclude that the cultural background of Japan provides a tolerant or in some cases, even encouraging environment for suicides, as long as people die for so-called “good deeds”. The social expectation is also one of the key factors that had pushed some Japanese people to killing themselves. In many reported cases of Karo-Jisatsu and Karoshi, many victims overly blamed themselves for failing to live up to other people’s expectations and therefore this phenomenon can be interpreted as a way of…

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  • Komatsu Case Study

    occurred in Komatsu and that they wanted to expand globally. Each CEO had his own strengths and weaknesses, but not all proved to be able to handle the problems inherited from the company. A slow domestic market in Japan, also proved to not help Komatsu. At the time the Japanese (YEN) was depreciating causing more (YEN) to equal one U.S. dollar. Ultimately, Komatsu was slowly losing money with the cost of operations not changing at the time. An overall dependence on the domestic market was not…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Go Back In America

    I was in the Dallas area as an exchange student. I was watching a tv in a coffee shop, and the unthinkable happened. For weeks before the incident happened, tensions between the Japanese government and the Chinese based conglomerate, Black Canyon Research, had been escalating rapidly. They had an experimental research facility in Osaka, Japan. They were testing an experimental gas for warfare that was supposedly 25 times more powerful than VX nerve gas, and 200 times more powerful than Sarin…

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  • Sugihara Self Sacrificing

    The Holocaust was a tragic time for Jews; many of them were persecuted or even executed because of their ethnicity. Thousands more Jews would not have survived if it had not been for a selfless man named Chiune Sugihara. Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who saved over 6,000 Jews during the Holocaust. Sugihara, along with his wife, issued visas to Jews in order for them to escape the cruel government treatment they were receiving. Sugihara went against his government’s orders to ensure…

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  • Soft Power In World Politics

    tremendous way of attaining success in world politics if one can use it in an intelligent manner. Japan as an example used it in a very commendable and impressive way since then up to now making it one of the best ever used such approach in diplomacy. Supporting instances as well as the recently talked about Japan hosting on the 2020 Olympics shall be discussed. Japan’s changeover from being a negative imperialist state into a peace loving one thru Soft Power Japan has successfully overcome…

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  • Evolution Of Japanese Culture

    distinguished history, social, and economic status of Japan, one discovers the ongoing struggle for Japan to raise its birthrate in order to save its economy. Although Japan emerged long ago, some still celebrate the day, in legend, when it became a nation. Most likely, the first settlers of Japan migrated from Siberia (Whyte 10). Just as America celebrates the Fourth of July, Japan recognizes February 11th as 建国記念日, literally…

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  • Globalization In Japan

    at Japan and see how efficiently they use globalization in their favor to take a great position in this world, you have to see what were the drivers of globalization who made this happen. This chapter consists of what are the drivers of globalization. And what were the influences the declining of barriers had for Japan and it also consist of technology changes a big factor was in this process. Like many other countries decided Japan also to decline its barriers for the free flow of goods,…

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