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In its 200 year history; there have been a great deal of critics against and recommended developments for the Electoral College system; however most of them petition to abolish it. Yet, there are a lot of devoted supporters in favor of the Electoral College system. These enthusiasts are perhaps less voiced than its critics; although, they do offer some very influential points of view in its favor. However, the critics consider that the president should be carefully chosen by a popular vote. On the other hand, some supporters argue that the Electoral College system is indeed a fair way to conduct the presidential election, mostly because of the different sizes of the states.
Just about everyone in United States, thanks to the presidential election chaos
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Supporters feel that the Electoral College system respects each state right to decide on the president; however it may see fit, similar to the way the founding fathers alleged it should be. What 's more, the supporters believe that the Electoral College system establishes an even circulation of power, control, and influence throughout the country. In addition, they feel it prevents people that are not politically educated from determining the election. Also, the Electoral College system inspires more person-to-person campaigning by nominees. The candidates would have to spend an equal amount of time in both the big cities and smaller towns in battleground states. However, the most popular argument for the Electoral College system is the fact that it controls disorder in close, disputed elections; recounts will normally be restricted to a state or two, rather than an across-the-country recount that would be required if we had direct election of the

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