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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Psychodynamic Perspective

    - Concluded that his widdler would grow and he aged Aim - This was a chance for Freud to test his theories about the infantile sexuality and the Oedipus Complex - Due to Hans’ development of a phobia, this case also presented the opportunity to test Freud’s theory about sexual frustration and development Hypothesis - A 5 year old boys phobia of being bitten by a horse can be interpreted in terms of castration anxiety Procedure - Case studies are in-depth investigations of a single person, group or event - Data is typically collected from a variety of sources: interviews, observations - Conversations between Hans and his father were recorded by writing although and issue with this is that the tone of the boy and father can’t be interpreted - Strength of a Case Study - Detailed information on longitudinal study - Provides insight for further research - Adopts holistic approach - Strength of a Case Study - Results can’t be generalized - Time consuming - Difficult to replicate - Researcher bias THE STUDY IN DETAIL - Hans’ Early Years - WIDDLER - Hans began to masturbate at the age of 3 (fits well with Freud’s phallic stage) - Hans found pleasure in urinating and defecating - Mother found Hans playing with his widdler and threatened to cut it off (castration anxiety) - Behaviors Freud interpreted as the Oedipal Complex - Hans would punch his dad and then kiss the spot he hurt (torn between jealousy and fear) - Asked his mom to touch his widdler - Hans wanted to have a…

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  • The Hidden Motive: A Rose For Emily

    the body removed from the home (Faulkner 2). Although, the townspeople did not describe her at that point as being crazy, they said she “broke down” (had a psychotic occurrence in which she retreated from reality), and that she had “to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will” (Faulkner 2). Immediately following her father’s death, Emily recoiled into her childhood by cutting her hair short and isolating herself in the house like an abandoned orphan (Faulkner 3). At this point the…

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  • Founding Vs. Constitution: Ancient Tragedy And The Origins Of Political Community

    Orestes to murder his mother; “The woman you call the mother of the child is not the parent, just a nurse to the seed, the new-sown seed that grows and swells inside her. The man is the source of life - the one who mounts. She, like a stranger for a stranger, keeps the shoot alive unless god hurts the roots. I give you proof that all I say is true. The father can father forth without a mother. Here she stands, our living witness.” (Aeschylus 260-261) Apollo debates that the mother is not the…

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  • Hamlet Oedipus Complex Analysis

    The Freudian Oedipus complex indicates that the infantile mind is directly affiliated with the id (Lesser, 1999, p. 345). Typically, it is the imperative source of the Id. A father’s authority and direct involvement in the mother’s life serves as the imperatives source of the Oedipus complex. It gradually becomes the principal source of the super ego, which suppresses the desires developed in the id. Therefore, a father’s authority and involvement suppresses the child’s desire that is inclined…

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  • Eysenck's Theory Of Personality

    understand their perception of the world and conceive of reality. ‘Self concept’ is how individuals perceive themselves. If this is greatly diverged from the ‘ideal self,’ the individual will then alter their personality and behaviour to avoid this painful state. ‘Existential approaches’ suggest that individuals can create their own meaning in life by making commitments to avoid ‘existential dread,’ where life has no absolute value or meaning. Task B. The most interesting part of this chapter…

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  • The Anonymous Years Analysis

    The Anonymous Years (Enters Orestes into the main living area) The Chorus Orestes, we have brought news from Argos. Your mother has betrayed your father and his kingdom. Your father has endured a gruesome death. The Kingdom of Argos is now laying at rest alongside your father. We no longer have a reason to thrive. Unless, the justice that your mother deserves is carried out upon her and her lover, Aegisthus. Orestes The news from Argos, but how could this be? My mother has murdered my father.…

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  • White Behavior Movie Analysis

    How destructive is the white savior complex? While the white savior complex article written by “Teju Cole” argues that many efforts by the North Americans to rescue “victims” of poverty and injustice in Africa are more about the western activist and their desire for a sentimental heroism than caring about the actual need of the African, it ultimately causes a major division between white activist and the racial other. The white savior complex is basically quite destructive trope that has been…

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  • Theme Of Women In The Big Sleep

    Women in The Big Sleep As I have mentioned before, this was true in the case of the rise of feminism. Before the turn of the century, “Women arrived, en masse, [to the Western frontier], and the ‘male-dominated homosocial world of gold rush California’ gave way to a ‘settled domestic Victorian discipline’” (Hoefer 49). That ‘Victorian discipline’ gave way in the 1920s to a deviant social norm, exemplified by Carmen and to a lesser extent Vivian. Right before Marlowe expresses how much he…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Women Analysis

    about the theater and plays and literature... it takes you quite a while to find out whether they’re really stupid or not” (Salinger 105). Despite having directly stated that Sally Hayes is knowledgeable, he later decides that it is not good enough for her to truly be intelligent. It is odd, when considering that these areas are where much of Holden Caulfield’s expertise lie as well. Even in matters of opinion, Holden Caulfield places his own ideas as superior to those of women, even those he…

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  • First Impressions In Pride And Prejudice Analysis

    Pride and Prejudice is a romance novel written by Jane Austen and published in 1813. Pride and Prejudice is firstly a novel about surpassing obstacles and finding true love and happiness. The story follows the emotional development of the main character Elizabeth Bennet, one of the five daughters of Bennet family, who has the tendency to judge too quickly. As the story progress, Elizabeth learns the difference between the superficial and the essential, throughout her relationship with Mr. Darcy.…

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