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  • Founding Vs. Constitution: Ancient Tragedy And The Origins Of Political Community

    Orestes to murder his mother; “The woman you call the mother of the child is not the parent, just a nurse to the seed, the new-sown seed that grows and swells inside her. The man is the source of life - the one who mounts. She, like a stranger for a stranger, keeps the shoot alive unless god hurts the roots. I give you proof that all I say is true. The father can father forth without a mother. Here she stands, our living witness.” (Aeschylus 260-261) Apollo debates that the mother is not the important parental figure, it is the father, moreover the head of household that must be protected. In killing his mother, Orestes not only protected his father, but his own legacy as head of household, as he is now the father as stated by his sister, Electra. Also Apollo invokes Athena’s own origin, which sways her to support this new justice, causing the trial to ultimately end in Orestes favor. In the gods supporting new ways, the argument for a new justice system is further encouraged, as citizens were even more persuaded to support the city rather than the ancient family ties. In my own opinion, I believe this argument is well-supported and I recognize that the story clearly states a need to leave the familial justice to create a beneficial society for the new city of Athens, and the new world it could bring. I believe this argument is supported in the fact that the gods supported this new thinking, along with the acquittal of Orestes by his own peers. Through these passages it is…

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  • The Hidden Motive: A Rose For Emily

    have the body removed from the home (Faulkner 2). Although, the townspeople did not describe her at that point as being crazy, they said she “broke down” (had a psychotic occurrence in which she retreated from reality), and that she had “to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will” (Faulkner 2). Immediately following her father’s death, Emily recoiled into her childhood by cutting her hair short and isolating herself in the house like an abandoned orphan (Faulkner 3). At this point…

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  • The Anonymous Years Analysis

    The Anonymous Years (Enters Orestes into the main living area) The Chorus Orestes, we have brought news from Argos. Your mother has betrayed your father and his kingdom. Your father has endured a gruesome death. The Kingdom of Argos is now laying at rest alongside your father. We no longer have a reason to thrive. Unless, the justice that your mother deserves is carried out upon her and her lover, Aegisthus. Orestes The news from Argos, but how could this be? My mother has murdered my father.…

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  • Sophocles Electra Analysis

    The ending of Sophocles' Electra is perhaps one of the most interesting endings of the Greek tragic plays, as it is incredibly dramatic yet at the same time somewhat anticlimactic. The play ends fittingly dramatically with murder, although it never actually occurs on stage; thus, the anticlimax. Although Electra is a Greek tragedy, it does not end in utterly tragic circumstance, nor does it finish in a blaze of glory. The ending is generally interpreted in one of two ways; 'light' or 'dark',…

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  • Non-Action In Electra

    The play Electra discusses many principles that are also the focus of the Tao Te Ching. One of these principles is non-action, which the Tao Te Ching heavily supports and Electra seems to support. The two texts have different views on the core values of non-action, and it is important to make a distinction between the two, for the non-action of the Tao Te Ching is wildly different from that of Electra. The Tao Te Ching believes that non-action should be intentional and beneficial to everyone and…

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  • Divine Intervention In Electra

    In Euripides’ play, Heracles, and in Sophocles’ play, Electra, there is constant interference from gods into human lives. By having both an understanding and a basic background of the timer period and location in Greece are key in understanding why the gods interfered with mortal lives the way they did. The divine intervention in both stories can be compared and similarities can be drawn from both. The exploitation of the deus ex machina demonstrated by Apollo in Electra and Hera in Heracles,…

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  • Electra Heart Thesis

    “Oh, dear diary, I met a boy. He made my dull heart light up with joy. Oh dear diary, we fell apart. Welcome to the life of Electra Heart” (Marina and the Diamonds). A diary full of love and heartbreak is the classic teenage hobby many girls pick up. A fluffy pink heart and glitter tears bleed through a girls’ teenage years. This lyric is part of Marina and the Diamond’s iconic album, Electra Heart. Electra Heart describes the hearts of teenagers and how they pulse as fast as electricity when it…

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  • Differences In The Myth Of Electra By Euripides

    found in myths that validate Greek culture, are found throughout the textbook. We will look at oikos, kyrios, dowry rights, and how the characters did and did not represented Greek culture from myths. We will examine Greek culture on how the women were given specific rules to live by. How males had to obey the gods and were punished if they did not, according to myths. Some of the main characters we will observe are, Hercules, Clytemnestra, Pelops and other mythological characters on the “how”…

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  • Theme Of Insane In Sophocles Electra

    play Electra, he was not the main focus of the play His sister, Electra but what are the reasons that made her stand out? Electra is a complex character. Electra could be called insane by many but she was cunning and held strong ideals. Sophocles brought Electra to the fore because of her ability as a character to manipulate people and bending to her will as she was able to inspire to Orestes to carry out her revenge against their mother, the pain she went through to develop as a character and…

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  • The Role Of Insanity In Sgu's Electra

    In the SGU’s latest theater department production Electra was seemingly themed in the 1970’s or 1980’s. The play had guns and cargo pants set in a war torn land. Although these drastic changes were made from the original play the storyline did not vary too much. The human experience was still revenge, finding and exacting it. This play did a great job of showing the pull between Electra and her sister Chrysothemis also Electra’s own struggle with insanity. What this play did best was show that…

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