Analysis Of Chipotle

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Empty stomach, empty mind. Like a brimming bowl of Chipotle, a University of Chicago education is customizable, satisfying, and hearty. The familiar amalgamation of rice and beans, meat and vegetables is the essence of any Chipotle product. This delicious bowl, however, is flexible: whether it be mild, medium, or hot, every single bowl will always contain a type of salsa. These broad categories (meat, beans, salsa) diverge into a variety of options (carnitas, sofritas, pinto, black), providing many paths to one destination. It is precisely this customizable template that emphasizes the distinct qualities of UChicago’s program of study. Every Chipotle bowl rests upon a delectable bed of cilantro-lime rice: the rice, or the foundation I wish to build upon, lies in the Core Curriculum. I have consistently emphasized a theme of a well-rounded, comprehensive …show more content…
I am searching for a campus of brash, tenacious peers who will not set down their sole burrito bowls in defeat, but peers who will eat two, three—as many as humanly possible in the name of Chipotle—and challenge me as well! These are not students who listlessly prod at the same meal every day. Instead, they toss in unthinkable ingredients to create a fresh, unique twist, savoring each tiny bite of their education. Determination, persistence, innovation—these are all values I wish to contribute to UChicago’s student body. To immerse one’s self in intellectual vitality and pursue the “life of the mind” is similar to appreciating Chipotle for its magnanimous beauty…to learn, to enlighten rather than to capitalize is a unique tenet of UChicago that I can find nowhere else. As a student who thrives in the realm of the so-called “impossible” and passionately quests for knowledge, I wish to share my Chipotle—my college experience—with the driven, quirky set of individuals of

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