Office Staff Might Feel Uncomfortable Case Study

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Task 3
Task A
Explain how and why the office staff might feel uncomfortable if the actual values were outside the range of acceptable values identified in Task 1.
In any office, the room can be too warm when working as a result of the amount of people in room and the number of computers and printers which are generating heat. An overheated office can result in employees feeling too warm which will leave them perhaps too tired or uncomfortable to work. In order to reduce the heat in the office so that maximum work can be carried out, a number of strategies can be deployed. For example, you could open a door, perhaps open windows or remove items of heavy clothing such as jumpers or jackets. However, if the office then becomes too cold once the
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This means that the cost of electricity will be reduced saving the business money. If there are a lot of windows within in a building, there is the potential to make a building either very warm or very cold. For example, in seasons were the weather is usually warmer such as summer, a lot of sunlight will get through the windows leaving the building very warm. This may cause the employees to become very uncomfortable and unable to complete their work effectively. Therefore, a business may have to spend more money installing fans etc to keep the employees comfortable so that their standard of work does not slip. Likewise, in the cold weather the windows will let out heat making the building colder. This means the business will have to install heating systems such radiators which are very expensive. However, blinds or double glazed windows should help to keep heat in. The less glazed windows are, the less amount of daylight will get in. This means that in order to make the staff feel comfortable then lights must be turned on. This will cost the business more money but as artificial lights often produce heat then this could be beneficial for the business. If businesses install many windows, they should make sure they are facing south as much as possible that is the best direction for solar gain. For winter blinds and/or tinted windows would be very good as there will be less heat lost, reducing costs for the business as less heating will be required. Negatively however, tinted windows are very costly to put in so the heating may be the more sensible option. If a building has a lot of windows then this can perhaps have a detrimental effect on the employees. For example, if there are computer screens in rooms then the sun light shining through these windows may cause

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