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  • Communication Audit Analysis

    In this communication audit, we will be focusing on the efforts made by the Humane Society of North Texas to communicate to their key audiences. We will examine the society’s different channels of communication with the public and identify their strengths and weaknesses. We will also suggest any changes that need to be made for the organization to achieve their ideal goals and ensure all efforts are effective and needed. For 111 years the Humane Society of North Texas have been “an advocate on behalf of all animals” (About HSNT). Serving over 25,000 animals annually, the humane society is the largest and longest standing animal rescue nonprofit and adoption center in North Texas. The society has come a significant way since its founding in…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Euthanizing Animals

    States often abuse this process in order to regain space by euthanizing the animals taking it up. By developing more shelters and expanding the existing ones, this issue can be resolved easily and humanely. Morally, the only valid reason a veterinary has to euthanize an animal is if the animal has some kind of medical issue and is experiencing major pain and/or suffering, but because there is no law that prohibits euthanasia, it takes place all over the United States for various reasons.…

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  • Service Learning Project Analysis

    Learning Project I have decided to volunteer at The Humane Society of Northwest Iowa (HSNWIA). The HSNWIA is a non-profit animal shelter…

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  • Two Forms Of Animal Abuse

    Animal fighting is a contest in which people urge two or more animals to fight for the purpose of human entertainment. In some instances, one of the animals may be a bait animal used for the ostensible purpose of sport or training (Animal Fighting Facts). According to the help page, approximately sixteen thousand dogs die each year from dog fighting. Some people are even so sick that they will abduct other people’s dogs and force them to fight. People also have businesses and do these things out…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Community Service Hours

    The Humane Society is ran by few people, and there are hundreds of animals in there that need cared for. It’s hard for the lady’s to keep up on cleaning the place, while also care for each animal. I, years ago, did community service there and seeing the look on the woman’s face when I would do something or help her in any way was always rewarding. If I washed the walls, picked up dog poop, walked the dogs, played with the kittens, or bathed the animals she would sign with relief that that was…

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  • Animal Observation

    In almost every community, there is a humane society that provides a safe home for cats and dogs that have wandered form their home or have been given away by their family. In most situations, the animal was abused, malnourished, or some other horrible situation. No matter what the situation, all of these animals need attention. During open hours, anyone can volunteer any amount of time to help and give these animals the attention that they've lacked. In my opinion, this certain project that I…

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  • Essay For National Honor Society

    I am proud to have been selected as a candidate for the National Honor Society. I have been working my whole high school career for a position in the society. I believe that I would be an excellent member of NHS because of the effort I have invested into my education and into the clubs I am involved in. Through my effort and determined character, I have proudly earned the leadership positions I now hold throughout many organizations in the high school. Overall, I am ready to become part of the…

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  • Cage Free Essay

    Taking into account the high cost of the cage-free system, it is not hard to infer that cage-free eggs will seek higher prices in the market. Chad Gregory points out that people may see a 10-cent increase for every dozen of eggs.7 For those who care about the high price of the cage-free eggs, I argue that it will not be a big problem, given the consumers’ awareness and willingness. In 2009, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) carried out a survey on humane food.12…

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  • My Love For Animals Research Paper

    kept my up my hopes and dreams of success was the adoption of our family pet Callie. This helped me to change my mind set and put all of my energy for going about my studies while also caring for an animal that meant so much to me. During my final year of high school I found myself having to choose a topic for my Senior Seminar Exhibition project. I brainstormed and ran with my first idea of incorporating my love for animals and my studies in law. I ran into some loopholes but was able to…

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  • Jinni Dingel: A Short Story

    “It may be rough now, but one day you’re going to change the world.” I remember writing this letter, only days after getting the news of my parent’s divorce. It held plans to myself of becoming a successful career woman and mother. Even at nine years old, I knew I wanted to change the world. Now, as an 18 year old headed to college, although my career plans may be different, I still aspire to change the world. And if what I do only affects one person, that is okay, because I have made a…

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