Essay For National Honor Society

I am proud to have been selected as a candidate for the National Honor Society. I have been working my whole high school career for a position in the society. I believe that I would be an excellent member of NHS because of the effort I have invested into my education and into the clubs I am involved in. Through my effort and determined character, I have proudly earned the leadership positions I now hold throughout many organizations in the high school. Overall, I am ready to become part of the society and help to further impact my community and nation alongside fellow members. To be selected as a candidate I know I must have admirable grades, after all impressive grades equal acceptances to impressive universities. So I strive for …show more content…
Everybody is a leader in their own way, I lead from my courage and bravery. I believe that a person needs to solely depend on themselves when it comes to decision making. I know that there are people who need the help of others, but a choice is always personal. That 's why I have the courage do try new things or “volunteer as tribute” when I see fit, because I look inside me for the right choice. My bravery shows when a task is asked upon my peers and myself, and I stand up first. Among my friends, I am the one they look to when something needs to be done. Although I have encouraged them to make personal decisions, they lead in their own way. Aside from my morals, my physical leadership positions are secretary of Spanish Club, Vice President of my class, and I play a vital role in Sources Of Strength. From the experience I obtain, I love being a leader because I play by my own moral rules and being a leader gives me the opportunity to make a change! Being a leader today will help me be a better leader in the future so I can make a healthy change for our world. I will be among those who are Eco-friendly and are looking to save our world for prosperity. This is how I will prove my

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