Reflection On The Qualities Of A National Honor Society

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After my two full years at Roscommon High School, I am very grateful to have reached the standard for National Honor Society membership. This is an opportunity that not everyone has the privilege to be a part of during their high school career. I would like to display the ways in which I have demonstrated the required assets to be a part of this organization. Not only do I possess the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service, but through N.H.S., I am certain that I will grow tremendously in each of these areas. The first quality I have demonstrated throughout my life, but more specifically, my high school career, is character. Good character, as I see it, is important not only in my life but for everyone so that the world functions smoothly. I do not like to think of myself as perfect in any way, but when it comes down to it and who I am as a person, I believe I have very good character. How I act around and treat my peers shows this quality. When meeting someone new, I am friendly, easy to get along with, and I believe their opinion is just as valuable as my own. I am also an honest and trustworthy person. What I see as my biggest advantage in my character is that I really enjoy helping people, whether it be advice, or help with a problem that I excel at such as schoolwork or technology. While I help people, I also display …show more content…
as a way to make a college application look nice or just for the recognition. I personally see being a part of this prestigious organization as a way to use my qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service, for the better. Aside from implementing them into N.H.S., I am confident that my skills will improve and new ones will develop. As honored as I am for being invited to join, the honor of being accepted will be truly worthwhile. Being a member, I will benefit as a person, but even more important is the great impact I will leave on the school and the

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