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  • Cage Free Essay

    An overwhelming majority of hens is limited in the conventional cages, where they each can share only 67 square inches of the cage space.2 67 square inches cannot even compare with a piece of letter-size paper which takes up about 93.5 square inches. Such tiny space is not enough for the hens to spread their wings, let alone make nests or perch. Hence, the conventional battery cage system violates animal welfare. Unlike the conventional battery cage system, the cage-free system provides more space for hens, where they are able to walk around within a certain range, to spread their wings, to nest and perch. Freedom of such activities improves the mood and health of hens, and thus increases their quality of life. John Mill’s Greatest Happiness Principle states that “Actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness…

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  • Serrano Case Study

    decision? In 1968 a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of Mr. Serrano in the Superior Courts of Los Angeles. Serrano claimed the funding system for California schools violated the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, as well as the Equal Protection clause in the California Constitution. At the time of the Serrano case, per pupil spending varied greatly from school district to school district. Baldwin Park School District, the district where Serrano’s children were in…

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  • Essay On Small Class Size

    and less stress for teachers (Illig, “Literature Review”). The California Teachers Association has reported that due to its positive effect the popularity of class size reduction is “widely popular with parents and school staff” with many reporting improvement in classroom learning environments and working condition for teachers (CTA, “Research: Class Size Does Matter”). In a time where the interest in the teaching profession is declining, small class sizes are an indirect impact on teacher…

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  • Social Responsibility Of Government In Richard Howard's A Good Ideas

    his 18 propositions, his argument stays strong through his novel. In each proposition, Howard discusses the struggle within our government that can be easily fixed if government was not an automatic system, but rather a system that was governed by the people. Human responsibility could better improve government programs, such as with the example of the nursing home, or the tree in a lake, or the drowning man. It isn’t complicated; the government cannot act as its own body, because it is not…

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  • My Strength Code To Me Essay

    When I compare with others, a lot of people said to me that I am the very organizing person throughout my life. I personally love to cleaning up or arranging any mass that needs to organize. Even though, from my class notes, I have to make it neatly and putting things as order as understandable. And also, I tried to write with my handwriting as neatly as possible. If someone wants my notes, I wanted to show that I am organized person from small things to a big thing. It is not just showing my…

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  • Langston Hughes Theme For English B Essay

    The truth can be a hard thing to come by when you are dealing with any type of person. In “Theme for English B,” by Langston Hughes, the topic of truth is what lays the foundation down for his poem. Hughes is most likely the speaker in this poem giving the view of an entire group, which would be the colored student population. The poem starts off by sharing an assignment the instructor gave the speaker for their class. The instructor informs the class that if they let their literary work…

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  • Learning Activity 4: Objective Vs. Subjective Exercise

    and healthy dialog is not a matter of who’s right or wrong but having balance knowing the difference even in have disagreement also being able to agree to disagree but separating the two versus the subjective preferences, likes and dislikes. This will improve writing, reading, researching and the quality of discussion and debate without it turning into a heated argument or a fight. What is the difference between subjective and objective statements? (Subjective statement) #1. fail all three…

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  • Quassim Cassam Knowing What You Believe Summary

    that the transparency account does support epistemically immediate. Summary: Quassim Cassam “argues that the transparency account can’t explain how knowledge of our own beliefs can be epistemically immediate”. The notion of transparency given by Richard Moran is the “idea a person answers the question whether he believes that P in the same way he would address himself to the question whether P itself”(Cassam 2). In which, the question about ‘Do you believe that P? can be transparent to the…

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  • Civil Disobedience: Rousseau And Truth

    Throughout his fourth walk, Rousseau continually compares truth and justice, and he even goes so far as to link the two. Rousseau discusses the differences between truths that are owed, which is calls general truths, and truths that are not owed, which he calls particular truths. In addition to this, he also discusses the differences between fictions and lies. Rousseau mentions that justice is to give what to each what is owed, and he states that justice and truth are synonymous. For the most…

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  • Compare And Contrast Russell And Strawson

    Russell further asserts that it is possible to break apart any definite description into a series of similar claims which can then be substituted into each other to form a series of propositions of arbitrary complexity (Descriptions 176). As a consequent of this treatment, Russell is able to easily to distinguish the phrases such as “Wales is Wales” from “Wales is the founder of Wikipedia” – the former is a logical statement of the form “P=P” whereas the second is a series of assertions and…

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