Essay On Small Class Size

The incessant push for smaller class sizes is a result of extensive research conducted over various years. Research supports an overall positive impact, from additional attention for students by teacher that can lead to lower retention numbers, and more efficient special need referrals, to more active student participation and a higher morale due to a more efficient educational environment.
It has been proven time and again that not all children, persons for that matter, have the ability to understand material at the same pace, which requires (a) additional time on material as a class (b) rendering a limited time of attention to certain individuals (CTA, “Class Size Reduction”). Consequently, the time spent in either option a or b impacts the student group as a whole because times spent on either is reduced elsewhere in the lesson plan.
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Research conducted by the National Education Association reports that detection of learning disabilities is a benefit of small class sizes, which results in fewer placements in special education, or in other words more efficient placement (Class Size Reduction: A Proven Reform Strategy, 3). Fewer placements also decreases funds misspent on misdiagnose students and allows for better use of future spending.
Smaller class sizes are more manageable and allow for individual attention that can lead to teachers’ detection of students in need of more or individualized help (Jepsen, 3). Due to more manageable class sizes students are less likely to be retained than students in regular size classes (Illig, “Literature Review). Manageable class sizes also allow for a manageable workload, as teachers spent great deal of their time, mostly personal time, grading homework or attempting to accommodate lesson plans (Class Size Reduction: A Proven Reform Strategy,

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