Social Responsibility Of Government In Richard Howard's A Good Ideas

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stake, which would be in good favor of the general public as they have pure intentions. Individuals would be given more power, more involvement, and more freedoms to make a difference in our society and help diminish automatic government. Unlike another of Howard’s reforms, such as giving more power to the president, the people would become supportive of this reform as they personally benefit and power is given to them and not a single individual. Social acceptance of this reform would be high, it is directly benefitting individuals and it would create more involvement within our society with higher enthusiasm. Politically, officials would benefit as well as they could act in situations instead of filling out paperwork and waiting for orders …show more content…
In the sum of his 18 propositions, his argument stays strong through his novel. In each proposition, Howard discusses the struggle within our government that can be easily fixed if government was not an automatic system, but rather a system that was governed by the people. Human responsibility could better improve government programs, such as with the example of the nursing home, or the tree in a lake, or the drowning man. It isn’t complicated; the government cannot act as its own body, because it is not itself an entity that can make decisions. The fundamental basis of government is to be ruled by people and with moral actions and responsibility. When taken out of the equation, immoral actions occur, freedoms are suppressed, and nothing gets done. Howard constantly reminds us that we, the people, created the government: so why have we let it push us out? Human involvement is necessary for success, and each proposition is consistent in that statement. When coming to his conclusion and his closing notes, his argument stays strong with his call to action. If change is to come, it must come from the people- not the parties. Once again, Howard remains his audience members that we have a choice in this matter, we can make change within our government, we can turn this around. It may not be easy, but it can happen. Due to the basis of his argument, Howard’s novel is highly persuasive and even motivating for politically active citizens to take action in fixing our system. The propositions are convincing, they are reminders that our government does not have to be like this if we don’t want it to be. We have become dead, like the government, and seem to be running automatically in a symbiotic relationship as one entity. We fuel the machine of our government with our silence and compliance, but

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