My Strength Code To Me Essay

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When I compare with others, a lot of people said to me that I am the very organizing person throughout my life. I personally love to cleaning up or arranging any mass that needs to organize. Even though, from my class notes, I have to make it neatly and putting things as order as understandable. And also, I tried to write with my handwriting as neatly as possible. If someone wants my notes, I wanted to show that I am organized person from small things to a big thing. It is not just showing my personality; it is a consideration for everyone. One of my strength code has about "developer." This can be explained as a simple word "improvement." It is hard to start new things for me, but when I started, I am putting all of my effort to improve more and more. When I was young, I hated music; listening, playing, watching, etc. When my family was playing music on Friday evening at home, my parents always asked me to join. But I refused their request. When I was fourth …show more content…
This strength includes the ability to apply great challenge to starting new things that involve groups of people. And driven by my talents, I enjoy being physically or mentally active. This is especially true when I am assigned tasks to finish by day 's end. As long as the overall workload is evenly spread among people, I tend to be willing and ready to perform my daily responsibilities. In this strength at play, I have to listen carefully and explain to a team member so that everyone can involve in the activity or understand correctly. Sometimes seek out and listen to the opinions of others before I express my own views. I always think first as for my group member and then think of myself. To my goal is to make it evenly as possible that everyone can involve in playing and trying not to make no excuse and behind. Giving a cheerful, advice, the chance to reach out the goal like playing marathon as a

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