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  • Chardonnay Vs Pinot Grigio Research Paper

    popular white wines. In fact, they are likely to be the two most popular white wines out there. While they may appear similar when you pour them in a glass, you will find them to have their own unique characteristics and tastes. To determine which wine you prefer, learning more about these differences is helpful. Here is some information that allows you to do just that. Chardonnay When you choose a good bottle of Chardonnay, you can expect a wide range of flavors. For example, some brands offer fruit flavors, such as pear, apple, citrus or melon. Others are created to reflect buttered or oak influences. Many now prefer less of an oak taste, so you can probably find more options in the fruit versions.…

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  • Stuart Cellars Case Study

    Stuart Cellars it’s their prices for its wines. They are a family owned winery that is located in Temecula, California. The average retail price for their wine is around $28 per bottle. When it comes to pricing wines, cost varies based on winery location and the number of years that the winery has been in business. One rule of thumb for wineries is to price a bottle of wine at 1/1000 the cost of a ton of grapes. For example, a bottle of wine from a batch of $40,000 Cabernet Grapes would be $40.…

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  • Peter Catalano's Verde Vineyards Case Study

    hoursGallons of chemicalsNumber of cartfuls or labor hoursGallons of juiceGallons of wine or months of agingNumber of bottlesNumber of boxesNumber of shipmentsNumber of gallons processed 7. Pressing and filtering. The crushed grapes are transferred to presses which mechanically remove the juices and filter out bulk and impurities. Gallons of juiceGallons of wine or months of agingLabor hoursGallons of chemicalsNumber of cartfulsNumber of bottlesNumber of cartfuls or labor hoursNumber of…

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  • Mondavi Organic Growth Model

    The vehicles Mondavi used to accomplish their success were primarily internally based development with their joint venture usage to create their organic growth model. Both a vehicle and differentiator, Mondavi was the first California winery to logistically set up and accomplish a successful international joint-venture with a French winemaker in 1979 to produce an ultra-premium wine in America. This split joint venture with Baron Phillipe de Rothschild birthed Opus One which became one of their…

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  • White Wine Essay

    White wines are wines with pale yellow color, yellow gold or yellow green which are produced from white or black grapes without skin. White wines existed 2500 years ago. There are several types of white wine. Learn more information about different types of white wine categorized according to taste. Discover about the different flavors and regions where white wines are common in the catalog below. • Light and Zesty These wines are lightly bodied with a fresh clean taste. • Cortese (a.k.a Gavi) –…

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  • Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think By Brian Wansink

    The way that this experiment worked is that there was a group of people who were brought into a restaurant for dinner. They disguised the same exact wine bottle which in reality was known by the name Two Buck wine by Charles Shaw. Half of the diners were given the disguised bottle that was relabeled with a label that sated that the bottle Noah’s Winery and “NEW from California”. The other half of the diners were given the Noah’s Winery bottle but instead this one said “NEW from North Dakota”.…

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  • Sonoma Wine Company Case Analysis

    As the wine industry moves towards becoming more competitive in the professional beverage industry, it is my vision is for Sonoma Wine Company to become a multi-category supplier of alcoholic beverages by adding hand-crafted, small batch distilled spirits to our product portfolio. We will continue to focus on meeting trade demands while growing our branded objectives domestically and internationally. While strengthening brand loyalty by adding a wine club and visitor center with tasting rooms…

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  • Four Brix Analysis

    Many times we feel that wine tasting involves long trips to places like Santa Ynez, Paso Robles or Napa and often fail to look in our own backyards. Four Brix is one of those local diamonds in the rough being a part of the Ventura Wine Trail that I have shamefully failed to visit in a long time. Gary and Karen Stewart have been long time friends and supporters of Grape of the Night (GOTN). My last visit to Four Brix was in 2013 with the GOTN group where Gary not only tasted us on their fine…

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  • Benefits Of Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon is a black colored grape from Bordeaux in France. Bordeaux is an incredible wine region with diverse sets of grapes. People from Spain call this sensation a Burdeos Tintos, which is very interesting. The grapes come in clusters, the black grapes produced are tiny and round, the leaves are dark to light green with lobes and the shoot tips are colored red. Today, the wine is favored in many countries all over the world and some distinguish it by Vitis vinifera. Cabernet…

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  • California Drought Pros And Cons

    California's drought from the world's changing climate is causing us all to have to endure negative effects big and small. One consequence from this would include our wineries. California winemakers are having to face reality head on because of the hotter, drier weather we have. Grapes, the main ingredient for wine, are ripening earlier. The water in aquifers are diminishing, nights are now warmer, etc. The Jacksons, (From Jackson Family Wines) are trying their best to help their crops adapt to…

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