Four Brix Analysis

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Many times we feel that wine tasting involves long trips to places like Santa Ynez, Paso Robles or Napa and often fail to look in our own backyards. Four Brix is one of those local diamonds in the rough being a part of the Ventura Wine Trail that I have shamefully failed to visit in a long time. Gary and Karen Stewart have been long time friends and supporters of Grape of the Night (GOTN). My last visit to Four Brix was in 2013 with the GOTN group where Gary not only tasted us on their fine wines but also provided an education on wine making. When you talk with Gary about wines you can always see this glow and excitement reflecting his passion that shows in their wines.
Gary Stewart is the Vintner for Four Brix, which has 6 owners, Gary and Karen Stewart, Barry Fisher, Tracy Noonan, Jim Noonan and Laura Peter Noonan. On this visit to Four Brix, Barry Fisher and Tracy Noonan were our host and hostess for the afternoon as Gary and Karen were pouring at an event and would not be at Four Brix.
Gary's education in wine making and operating a successful winery was through mentoring and wine courses from UC Davis, which has one of the best wine education curriculum's in the country. Through the years of trials and tribulations, Four Brix wines have gone from very good to down right fantastic. The wines
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In 2007 Gary began importing equipment from France and Portugal for his winery. Gary worked with Ryan and made many trips with him to Italy and Spain increasing his knowledge and skills in old world wine making. The winery's name Four Brix was created according to Barry as a tribute to the four wine regions of the world where the beauty, culture, and the manner in which blended wines fit into everyday life: France, Italy, Spain and our home, California. Brix refers to the amount of sugar in the grape

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