Southern Peninsula Wine Case Study

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I / Organisation Overview
A / Southern Peninsula Wines mission & Vision

The Southern Peninsula Wines is a family business owned and managed by two brothers with Italian heritage.
They want to create a business entity that will last towards generation to be carry on, based on high distinctive quality products, reinforced by strong bonds with their partners and customers.
As recognised like quality international wine makers, they intend to use their success over the ten past years to develop their business on international markets by keeping in mind their ‘state of art’ in the wine industry.

B / Strategic goals of Southern Peninsula Wines

Southern Peninsula Wines aim to become a well-known wine producer recognised for its family’ heritage in the wine industry that insure high quality
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• Ensure the sustainability and growth of their vineyard by developing international markets opportunities.

The Southern Peninsula Wines towards its expertise as an recognised and awarded wine maker, with distinctive products and its family type business management, as the real potential to develop business opportunities on local and international markets to ensure their success.

C / Southern Peninsula Wines Capabilities
SWOT analysis

• Family business owned and operated.
• Exemplary reputation in the Australian wine industry.
• International and local wine awards.
• Specificity of the wine product from the Southern Peninsula of Victoria.
• Fine production capacity with capabilities of high volume of production. WEAKNESSES
• Multi-tasking from both of the owners in term of supply chain management from production to sales.
• Medium price range positioning for their products to be recognise as premium wine makers for the international markets.
• Small budget for advertising to expand in international markets

• International recognition of the Australian wines quality and

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