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  • Italian Language Research Paper

    between the English language and the Italian language. First of all, what is denoted by the terms English language and Italian language and where are these languages used. The free dictionary defines the term English language as” an Indo-European language belonging to the West Germanic branch; the official language of Britain and the United States and most of the commonwealth countries.” It is estimated that three hundred and thirty five million (335,000,000) people uses this language, worldwide. On the other hand, the term Italian language is described as the official language of main land Italy, and approximately sixty million (60,000,000) people uses…

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  • Dante Alighieri: The Legacy Of The Divine Comedy

    people who read his work but his work itself created a whole wave of Dante impressionists. His works made an undoubtable impact on medieval literature and theology. The Divine Comedy is and was considered one of the greatest Italian works of literature. Dante is considered the father of the Italian language. His works and his legacy have continued to flourish even after his death on September 13th, 1321. Dante was born in Florence, Italy on May 21st, 1265. He was born into a family that was…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Italy

    Everyone started to trickle in and check their bags. There were parents there to say their goodbyes and give last minute advice. Once everyone arrived, we all headed down to TSA security. I did not have any problems with security, so I headed to the gate to wait for the others. After 30 mins of waiting around in the terminal, we were off to Italy. “If you look out the left side of the plane, you will see the French Alps.”, said the Captain. He then repeated what he had just said, but now in…

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  • Dante's Contrapasso Analysis

    Contrapasso in Inferno by Dante Alighieri as Illustration of Justice Dante Alighieri, who lived from 1265 to 1321, was one of the major Italian poet and political figures during the Middle Ages period. He is particularly famous for a piece of literature which later made a major impact on the development of the Italian literature and the world literature – Divine Comedy, which he composed during the final years of his life. Dante 's Divine Comedy belongs to the list of the most gorgeous pieces…

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  • Dante's Life

    the beliefs and values of Dante are apparent; therefore, the reader grasps his view of the world, which is through the lens of Christianity. There are several references to aspects associated with Christianity, such as sin, hell, and Satan. Also, as taught in Humanities, Dante referenced the Trinity by the utilization of the number three. Dante believed corruption existed within The Church. “I know not if here I was too audacious that I only answered him in this strain, ‘Pray now tell me how…

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  • First Person Narration In In Another Country By Ernest Hemingway

    By distinguishing himself from the brave Italians, the narrator describes himself that he is not a hawk (Hemingway 2), signifying his relatively docile character and lack of belligerence as a fighter. Also, the Italian grammar symbolizes the military discipline that the narrator struggles with, adding onto the conclusion that he does not belong to the army and the country drafts people with no intention to fight. The narrator is unable to experience the dreadfulness of the Italian major because…

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  • Allegory In The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri

    The Divine Comedy, composed by Dante Alighieri some place around the year 1308 and initially called The Comedy, is generally viewed as one of the preeminent works of Italian writing. It is an epic poem that comprises of three books: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise, which chronicle (portray) the experiences of Dante the Pilgrim (an imaginary character embodied by Dante himself) in his goes through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Albeit terrifying on a strict level, on a more noteworthy level it…

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  • History Of Italian Immigration Summary

    In “History of Italian Immigration”, Alexandra Molnar introduces readers to a new era of immigration, known as ‘New Immigration’, which resulted in America opening up its gates to millions of Italian immigrants, among others. This foreign population consisted of two classes: laborers, and the more elite and educated craftsman. Molnar goes on to explain, that considering the massive influx of Italians to America, they made up a significant amount of the work force, integrating into society as…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Italy

    ate lots of Italian food, and went June 18-25th so it would not be too hot or too cold. First, I had to figure out what all I needed for my trip to Italy, I discovered I had to get a passport to even enter the country.” Passports should have at least six months remaining validity beyond your departure date. U.S. citizens may enter Italy for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.” Https://” Second, I looked to…

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  • Italian Renaissance Art Analysis

    around it, it comes as a direct result of the cultural sphere it occurs within. The Italian group of painters known as the Macchiaioli are no different from this rule, during the nineteenth-century they took outside influences to create a new esthetic that reflected their personal ideals. Although how independently this new esthetic came about, and who influenced them directly can varied. Depending on the point of view of the author writing on the Macchiaioli, there can be a very large…

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