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  • Personal Narrative Essay: One Direction

    we are coming to see you?” Jc asked. I looked up from my phone. “When?” I asked. “The San Diego show on June 21st. It’s in two weeks.” Jc said. Kian grinned. “Yeah Jc, Connor, Ricky, Sam, Jack, and I are all coming.” Kian announced. I smiled. Sam Pottorff, Ricky Dillon, and Connor Franta were all in a collab YouTube channel together called O2L. Jack is another YouTuber who is friends with them. He goes by Thatsojack. Trevor Moran was also in O2L but he isn’t coming. Mainly because Trevor and I fucking hate each other. Kian drove off the highway and into downtown La. We drove to the meeting spot Paul texted me and parked the car. Kian and Jc waited with me till Paul arrived. I gave Kian and Jc a quick hug and joined Paul. We loaded my luggage into the trunk and drove off.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Italy

    From the streets of West Palm Beach, Florida to the streets of Torino, Italy. I never thought I would be fortunate enough to leave the United States, but I was wrong. The trip to Italy was an intercession class that would travel for 5+ cities in Italy. I thought to myself, “This is my last chance to travel abroad while I’m in college.” However, I ran into one problem, Money. I submitted a request to my scholarship to see if I could get assistance to pay for the trip. My scholarship covered the…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of The TSA

    After the terrorist assaults in 2001, the national government moved rapidly to build spending on flying security and take control of traveler and stuff screening at U.S. airplane terminals. TSA confronts interesting difficulties in its endeavors to secure our Nation 's transportation frameworks. While insight demonstrates to us we should stay concentrated on aeronautics security specifically, TSA is likewise accused of securing mass travel, rail, expressway, and pipeline areas. To work…

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  • Greenlease Kidnapping Essay

    The Greenlease Kidnapping An Institute for small children in Kansas City, Missouri called Sister Morad of the French of Notre Dame De Sion was having school on September 28, 1953. As the children were having school, there was a knock at the door and as one of the teachers opened the door to a woman who said she was the Aunt of Bobby Greenlease. Robert Cosgrove Greenlease Jr., refer to as Bobby, was the six-year-old son of Robert C Greenlease Sr. Robert Sr. was a weathly automobile dealer who…

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  • Personal Narrative: How 9/11 Changed My Family

    When my mother and brother moved to America. I visited them every summer. I never thought of the United States more than a vacation destination. I fell in love with the state. the food is great and the people were greater. The morning of 9/11 my family and I watched the towers crumble on live TV that morning was the morning that changed everything. After 9/11 things became very hard on the Muslim community especially in America. The events of 9/11 in the United States have drastically changed my…

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  • A Good Expert Endorser For Lightweight Luggage

    1a. A good expert endorser for lightweight luggage would be Samsonite. This company makes a variety of different high end luggage pieces. They would have the proper testimonial devices (customer feedback, statistics, surveys) to endorse a lightweight luggage that would exceed customer expectation. A good celebrity endorsement for lightweight luggage would be our current president, Barack Obama. Our president is a busy individual who travels all around the world. Barack Obama is someone who…

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  • Importance Of Suitcases And Bags

    When it comes to travel, the first thing that comes into many people's mind is luggage (suitcases and bags).Suitcases and bags are important travel essentials, providing an easy way to carry clothes and other personal belongings during travel.There are many varieties of suitcases and bags, and the choice of either of these depends on many factors, including; 1.Your Destination and How You Will Be Traveling Where you are going as well as how you will be traveling are top considerations when…

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  • Kids Decade With Wheels In Disney Movies

    Kids luggage with wheels comes in a wide variety of styles. With special characters from some of Disney’s best movies, including Frozen, kids will love carrying their essentials from place to place. However, kids luggage with wheels can be used for more than just traveling to their grandparent’s house. Many children use kids luggage with wheels as a way of keeping their rooms clean. Little girls use them to put their dolls and doll clothes in. This keeps the toys off the floor and…

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  • Samsonite Case Study

    Choose Samsonite Australia For Your Luggage Needs Are you a person who likes to travel a lot? Are you fond of the beautiful sights Australia has to offer to you? Are you concerned about the safety of your luggage while you travel? If you’re a person who is a great admirer of the Aussie landscape and you want a great set to accompany your escapades, then look no further! Samsonite Australia is here just for you! What is Samsonite Australia? Samsonite Australia is a premium luggage brand that…

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  • Spirit Airlines Supply

    From the view of the airline company, how many passengers are able to travel without checking a piece of baggage in? Then there are those passengers who fail to read the fine print and bring along their luggage, their tickets are purchased, are they going to leave their luggage behind? No, they are going to pay the additional fees to ensure their luggage travels with them. According to Snider (2014), Spirit Airlines, Inc., has been known as the airline that nickel and dimes its passengers…

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