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  • Italians And Their Untold Story Of Migration Analysis

    Italians and Their Untold Story of Migration Since the beginning of time and the early days of civilization for as long as we can go back into time there has always been higher powers that exert themselves with control over others. This supremacy over others constitutes to slavery and racism not only in our nation but the world as a whole from sea to sea throughout history. Slavery and racism has played a drastic part of our history as this practice preaches total control over other beings while being discriminatory of another race. It 's a condition that has caused people of many different nationalities to experience feelings of being inferior to those in or believed to be in power. From the early days of Columbus “finding”…

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  • Italian-American Culture

    Italian-American Culture When most people hear the term Italian-American, they begin to think of the Godfather, Rocky, the mafia, or even Fonzie from Happy Days. But, Italian-America is much more than the characters portrayed in films. Italian-American culture is a culture that has evolved through history despite discrimination and hardships. While they faced prejudice at first, they are now seen as a monumental contributor to the immensely diverse culture of the United States of America known…

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  • Italy Culture Research Paper

    Ciao!-hello! The culture of Italy caught my attention because both of my parents have an Italian ancestry. My father’s great grandparents emigrated from Rome, Italy during a time of economical debt. Although my family no longer lives in Italy, we have very similar customs to those who do. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen with a rather fascinating economical history. I am captivated to learn more about Italy and its customs. To begin, the nation of Italy is a beautiful…

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  • Italian American Discourse Community

    The Italian American Discourse Community During the past couple of weeks I have been observing the Italian discourse community, which I am apart of as my immediate family are Italian-Americans. Through the many observations, I have been able to grasp a better understanding on how distinct the Italian-American community is in comparison to the other communities around me. I examined the community Italian-American discourse community rigorously and I found many characteristics that make the…

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  • History Of Pizza Essay

    The History of Pizza There is much iteration of just how pizza became the food that we know and love today. One story says that pizza has been around since the Stone Age when people would bake crude bread on the stones of a fire and after the cooking of this bread they would top it off with different seasonings and toppings. They would use this bread as a plate to sop up broth or gravies (Stradley, p. 1). Another story says that pizza was founded in Naples, by the Greeks, in the 1700s. The story…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Italy

    ate lots of Italian food, and went June 18-25th so it would not be too hot or too cold. First, I had to figure out what all I needed for my trip to Italy, I discovered I had to get a passport to even enter the country.” Passports should have at least six months remaining validity beyond your departure date. U.S. citizens may enter Italy for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.” Https://” Second, I looked to…

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  • Comparing Film Adaptation Of Me And You By Bernardo Bertolucci

    One of the events in his narrative brings us to an Italy where Lorenzon is rarely present—an Italy where all of the adversities that fail to touch Lorenzo in his bubble persevere. On a ride in Rome, Niccolo places different elements of a failing Italy in front of Lorenzo’s eyes to taunt him. On this car ride, Lorenzo encounters a Lazio supporter which symbolizes a Facist reaction towards the government. Dirty cobble stones are also a representation of the Italian governement’s failure to improve…

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  • The Importance Of Mussolini's Rise To Power

    To be a strong leader in the past, a person had to have a support group behind him. Without such a group, the rise to power was a very difficult task to complete. Popularity could make or break anyone that campaigned for or who already held positions of power. While there were other factors that contributed to the growth of power, including wealth, military force, and family history, a person’s authority prominently depended on the supporters. If a person in power was not favored,…

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  • How Did Benito Mussolini Rule Italy

    Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an italian dictator but originally a revolutionary socialist who later became prime minister of Italy from 1922 to 1943. After the leader of italy at the time gave mussolini permission to rule italy thinking that mussolini was going to fix a number of italy’s problems ranging from the bad economy to the lose of nationalism overall rose to power as prime minister after world war one. Benito mussolini was also the leader and creator of the fascist party which…

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  • American Language Diversity

    She grew up speaking Italian and thought it would probably be the only language she would ever need to know or speak. However, when her family decided to up and leave Italy for America, it was time for her to start to learn English. Fast forward the seventy years that my grandma has lived here and she still doesn’t speak perfect…

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