The Characteristics Of The Italian American Discourse Community

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The Italian American Discourse Community
During the past couple of weeks I have been observing the Italian discourse community, which I am apart of as my immediate family are Italian-Americans. Through the many observations, I have been able to grasp a better understanding on how distinct the Italian-American community is in comparison to the other communities around me. I examined the community Italian-American discourse community rigorously and I found many characteristics that make the Italian-American community so unique, such as their goals as a community and the many other aspects of their culture. Through this conscientious study I have been able to better understand the culture I am apart of and visualize it in a greater depth.
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The Italian language is very similar to the spanish language and Italian is also thought of as one of the most romantic languages. Within the Italian community we also see lexis, intercommunication and dialect. Dialect differs throughout Italy as you travel to different places in Italy the dialect changes due to the cultural influences around those areas. As for lexis, “Figurati!” Is commonly used in Italy, it translates to “Don’t worry about it”. This term can be used how it is meant to be said or could be used as a sarcastic comment. This is just one of the many terms used throughout Italy and can be taken as a type of …show more content…
As I previously discussed family relationships are extremely important to the Italians, and they do what they can to ensure their family bonds, stay strong, constant and healthy. Along with family they take pride in their culture, which involves the Italian food, the Roman Catholic religion and even the history of the country. These three aspects have so much beneath the surface and could be studied endlessly, that is what makes the Italian discourse community so interesting. Lastly we see the Italian language which is evidently very unique to Italians and makes them one as a whole. The power of language allows for smooth and an easy communication between the members of the community. Throughout this ethnography my main points have all been genres of the Italians as a whole and really helped me to show the aspects that make Italians so unique and different from other communities. The Italian-Americans rely largely on genres to connect themselves as one throughout the world in which they are separated

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