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  • Women Population Research Paper

    Introduction The women population in regards to health is an important factor in the implementation of appropriate health care services. There are leading causes of mortality and morbidity affecting women throughout globe, as well as in local and at national levels. This essay is to study and understand the types of health issues and the status affecting women at a local, state, national, and international perspective. Many research studies have focused on the health concerns and barriers imposing women of all ages. The context of this paper will examine the health risks, diseases, and outline other health problems that emerge among the women population. This focus is critical to assess the health needs for women and details a profile of women’s…

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  • Gary Ridgway Criminal Profile Essay

    Criminal Profile #1 Submitted by Omar Jaquez Estrella Mountain Community College AJS 225 Gary Ridgway Gary Leon Ridgway aka “green river killer” was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 18, 1949. Ridgway targeted runaways and prostitutes along state Route 99 in south King County, Washington. In 1982 and admitted in an interview, there is over 75-80 murdered woman and several unfound bodies. Gary Ridgway grew up in SeaTac,…

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  • Bridge Construction

    engineer is to build and expand without brining harm. To form an unquestionable role with society throughout their entire professional career. We are hired to make life easier, and formulate innovations that will change the course of the world. With such a high earned pedisoul every engineer is placed on their work stems more than just crunching number into place. A great deal of moral responsibility must be taken into consideration. The braches of our ideas will affect lives for generations…

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  • Why I Chose To Be Essay

    Becoming Who I am Supposed to Be As a student at Sonoma State University, I decided to declare my major in human development because it covers a broad range of subjects like psychology, anthropology, and sociology. Then, at the end of my junior year in college, I decided to declare a minor in early childhood studies. To complete the early childhood studies minor, I have taken classes that teach concepts such as child development and how to assess the different behavioral patterns and the stages…

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  • Recreational Therapist

    The best and most recommended place to be a recreational therapist happens to be in California. In California, there are more job opening and get paid higher than other states. The job projections for a recreational therapist increase faster than average, at 12%. The number of job availability changes but right now it lingers around 19,000. A benefit to this job centers around the flexibility. A person can work part time or full time and that can help with someone who has more than one job.…

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  • First Year Student Essay

    First year in college can be overwhelming for majority of student, and some would focus on studying that they would forget to have fun and communicate outside the class. That why Sacramento State University offer a program to aid student with their first semester by assign a peer mentor to every seminar class, A peer mentor is a collaborative program with the First year experience (FYE), to provide support for the first year student. In order to assist first year student overcome the challenging…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Letter To Barry University

    admission at CI because my potential is maximized when I am at smaller classroom setting and I don't feel overly intimidated asking the professor for clarification. I carefully calculated when I would apply to other colleges again and when the time comes to decide where I am going, I will be more than adamant. I was admitted to CSU Northridge for Fall 2015 but never attended because the setting was not what I was looking for. Among other schools that have accepted me were San Francisco State,…

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  • Puvungna Research Paper

    Puvungna On September 19, 2015 I joined the class on the trip to Puvungna, which is also known as the “Gathering Place” for Native Americans. I have known that Puvungna was located on campus but I have never gone to look around. The site is located right along Earl Warren Drive on campus and behind the Japanese Garden which was populated by the Tongva tribe. In 1974 Puvungna was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This museum is very different to a museum that we all know of.…

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  • Proposition 50's Arguments Against Corruption

    Proposition 50 was the only California state proposition on the primary ballot last June. Due in part to current law, while the suspension of public officials can occur, the consequences of loss of salary and/or benefits are non-existent, allowing for corruption to pervade their position without consequence. Corruption in the service of the public should never be acceptable practice and no public servant should be allowed to get away with a lack of ethics. Proposition 50 addresses the issue of…

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  • Pluralism And Religion

    California State University Northridge is a conglomerate of different cultures, ethnicities, and religions. The students and faculty are a good sample size of the American religious landscape: numerous ethnicities from different locations around the world come together and bring their religious practices with them. This nation holds great pride in its diversity and acceptance of others. This concept of pluralism is something the nation would prefer to have as a common belief, however there are…

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