First Year Student Essay

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First year in college can be overwhelming for majority of student, and some would focus on studying that they would forget to have fun and communicate outside the class. That why Sacramento State University offer a program to aid student with their first semester by assign a peer mentor to every seminar class, A peer mentor is a collaborative program with the First year experience (FYE), to provide support for the first year student. In order to assist first year student overcome the challenging transition to college life, a peer mentor would show students, their available resources and activity clubs/event they can go to. Peer mentors appear to indicate an obstacle in increasing the number of students to participate in the club organization …show more content…
There is different type of way to get involved through college, Being active includes , fraternity or sorority, multilanguage club, and it does not have to be a popular club or organization,that involve lots of community service and volunteering. It could be simple, like math club or 3D printing club. I do not believe it matter how popular the club or organization is, and the reason behind getting involved and have enjoyed experiencing. Being involved will allow you to be connected within the university and more likely to graduate because student who focus on only one thing would get bored at college and that would result in dropping out of college because they are not satisfied with their life and feel pressured to do the only homework and work. The benefits of participating in club on campus are having a connection that would help students in future. For example, my first year seminar professor admits that she would not have the opportunity to teach in Sacramento state university if it was not to one of her friends back at college that she met in the humanities major club has recommended the job to her. Also my professor said she used to the idea of exploring different opportunities because in college, she learned to never say no to new opportunity, and that made her resume stand out because she has more experience in college and adopt new skills like how to communicate with people around

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